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From this page you can link to a number of older stories and pictures.  Rather than deleting them from the site and losing them, they are moved to this Archive section.  

Click on the title to review each story.

This is the story of the very neat "Bob's Place" sign in the shop.  It has a great back story since it came off of an old Denver landmark filling station. 


February, 2009  --  Mother produced, promoted, and performs this lovely little two-person play.

October, 2006  --  In October I got to do something which had been on my mind for many years -- to re-visit Erma Snyder's Lodge back in Oklahoma.00

July 26, 2006  -- This past weekend Diane and I planned a long weekend in Vancouver for a get-away.  However, our flight there (where there was plenty of space available seats) got canceled so all the rest of the flights to Vancouver were totally jammed up.  So, instead, we took a car trip to Durango.  As it turns out, this was the re-creation of our honeymoon, 40 years earlier.

December, 2006 -- Christmas in Denver was upstaged by the big snowstorm the Thursday before Xmas day.

laguna-diane-web.jpg (50730 bytes)

Diane in the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca

October 29-10, 1005 It was at this event where Diane won her class and as a result also won the season USSRC Championship for Under 2.0 Liter cars.  Very cool. 

Miller_Laguna_2005-web.jpg (60702 bytes)

The "Hollywood Sportscar" Sunbeam Tiger

June 17-18, 2006 - I attended a Sunbeam Tiger event in San Jose. The purpose of my visit was to be re-united with the very original Firestone tires taken off the Alexis. (Some of us are easily amused!)  You may recall that the 37-year old on the Alexis tires were in such great shape that I felt they should find a home on some significant restoration. As it turned out, this was accomplished when I gave the tires to Dave Stone in California. He was restoring a very historically significant Sunbeam Tiger -- The Hollywood Sportscar Tiger.


CSRG At Thunderhill

November 5-6, 2005 - This event turned out to have outstanding highs and lows.  The high point -- We won a Formula Jr. race car for a $20 drawing ticket.  The low point, Diane's Miller got dinged.



August 11-13, 2006 - The Champ Car Series (the real pros) had a street race in Denver and the vintage clubs were given the opportunity to put on one of the weekend's four support races. Diane was invited by the vintage club to drive in that grid of 42 vintage cars.  What a hoot!


Just this and that.