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Gladys Brinkman Alder - circa 1940


A Play Presented by


February 10, 2009

Well, Gladys Alder may have been getting a bit frail, but at 94 she hadn't lost any of her zeal.  Mom persuaded  a fellow Oakhurst Towers resident, Glenn Tuthill, to perform a two-person play, Love Letters. They performed it the first time in December, but by popular demand, decided to present it again in February.  CLICK HERE to read the complete program for Love Letters.  A great evening! Mom and Glenn were fantastic.  Not a dry eye in the house when done.

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Mom in the "Green Room" before the performance.  Norma presented Mom and Glenn to the audience.  The stage was two tables representing two locations as each actor read their old letters exchanged over the years of their divergent lives. After the performance, Glenn and Mom spent no small amount of time autographing programs for the audience.  And after all said and done, Norma, Glenn, and Mom congratulate each other on a fantastic presentation. 



Late February 2008 there was a neat "happening" in Oklahoma City - a long story, but worth telling in words and pics.

My brother, Jac, some years ago, had translated and adapted a French play by Moiere.  The play, Misery, a neat comedic farce, played very well at his Theatre Three in Dallas.  Consequently a theater group in Oklahoma City decided to perform Jac's adaptation.

Well!  Mom got wind of this and LOOK OUT!!  She spend three months calling 300 of her closest friends in OKC, not to mention a cadre of old friends and schoolmates of Jac, Bob, Norma, Happy, and Bruce.  Thank God for unlimited long-distance phone service. 

Her ability to keep in touch with, and actually reach, all these people was astounding.  She promoted the event, arranged for discount tickets, had me making up name tags, and then she, Diane, Norma, and I all flew down for the Saturday/Sunday performances. 

The play was sensational, funny, and great entertainment.  But as Jac said, it was the sideshow.  The real show was in the lobby before and after three performances where Mom held court with all the people who showed up to see the old girl. 

What a blast!  Jac, Norma and I got to see some OKC contemporaries who we hadnít seen in 40 years!   And Mom got to see, and been seen, by everyone.  All very cool and many giggles.  

For the complete Photo Gallery of pictures taken at the event, CLICK HERE to visit our SmugMug site.

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