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Navigation Page For The New Zealand Trip

During February 0f 2004 Team Terrific had a marvelous trip to New Zealand racing our cars in the four-event Southern Festival of Speed.  Use the navigation links below to visit the various installments covering the trip from its inception (Original Announcement) to its conclusion (Epilogue).
The map below is of the South Island and will give you some idea of our travels.  The best way to view the map is to first click on the map to enlarge it and then maybe "Print"it.   Below the map are some explanations of where we'll be during the trip. 
nzmap2.jpg (74772 bytes)

#1 -- (locations penciled in on the map) Christchurch, the port city where the containers will arrive, where Larry and Kay live, and where the first race track, Rapuna Raceway, is located.   All very convenient! We'll be racing there the weekend of Jan. 31st. 

#2 --Timaru.  The is the location of the second race at a track called Levels Raceway.  This will be the weekend of February 7/8.
#3 -- Invercargill, just a stones throw from Anarctica.  This racetrack is called the Teretonga Circuit and is where races from the old Tasman Series were held.  We'll be there the weekend of Feb. 14th.
#4 -- Dunedin.  This last event (Feb. 21st) is a street race.  Hot damn!  They be FUUUN.  Sure hope the cars are still running at this point.