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Champ Car Vintage Support Race
August 11-13, 2006
Denver, Colorado
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  August 11-13, 2006 -- Well another great adventure and another SmugMug Picture Gallery for you. I finally got around to posting pictures of Diane's race at the Vintage Grand Prix of Denver August 11-13. On that weekend, the Champ Car Series (the real pros) had a street race in Denver and the vintage clubs were given the opportunity to put on one of the weekend's four support races. And, Diane was invited by the vintage club to drive in that grid of 42 vintage cars.

She had a great time. Once she got over the initial jitters at Friday's practice, she was real comfortable racing on a street circuit with concrete walls everywhere. Wow! The vintage cars and vintage race attracted a LOT of spectator attention even though the vintage practice session (on Friday) and vintage race (on Sat.) were the last events of the day. The crowd loved seeing the vintage cars and hung around to watch them. Based on crowds in the stands, we think more people watched the vintage cars than watched the other three support grids which were national professional series.

Most of the 42 vintage cars were production based sports cars -- everything from Mini's to Corvettes -- but this year four sports racers, like Diane's race car, were also invited. (Sports racers are purpose built race cars rather than production sports cars converted for racing.) Diane was lucky enough to get an invitation to race.

So, click on the link below to go to the this Grand Prix Gallery of photo where about 35 pics are posted. Then you can choose amongst the various "Styles" of viewing the pictures. Simply use the style box (upper right) to choose how you wish view the gallery of pictures.

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