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Nov. 6, 2020 Diane's  80th Birthday

Bob-Brad-Di-Scott_DMA-Birthday_2020.jpg (668636 bytes)
We were able to arrange a surprise visit from Brad and Scott.  Only for a couple of days, but it was soooooo cool  to surprise Di.

Family - Nov. 9, 2020 Norma's Birthday
(The now-traditional staircase family pic)

Nov_2020_Masks_1.jpg (401961 bytes) Nov_2020_NoMask_2.jpg (414499 bytes)
The COVID-Masked Clan Unmasked

Family - Thanksgiving & Christmas 2019

Family-Sky_Thanksgiving_2019 copy.jpg (1465629 bytes) XmasAlder_2019-12-27.jpg (124884 bytes)
The family picture 15 months later.  In June 2019 (below) Norma had her hand on the expected new addition to the family, Bri & Andrew's new baby.  Shown here at two months into his life as the newest addition to the clan is Denver Skyler Hirko-Kovacs.  We've settled on calling him "Sky."

And here's the clan at Bob & Diane's house.  Sorry, Kirsten, just about cut out of the pic.




Family - June 2019

Happy came to Denver for a visit in June of 2019.  A family dinner (one of several!!!!)  resulted in this nice photo of the gang.  Left to right Rylan, Susan, Andrew, Happy, Bri, Norma, Bruce, Diane, & Bob.  (Click to enlarge with better resolution.)

Family_June_2019.jpg (1157645 bytes)


Brad, Mom, Dad, & Scott
Christmas 2018
 Family-Xmas-2018.jpg (2201004 bytes)

Jac Alder 1934 -2015

Jac died of respiratory failure on May 22, 2015. He was 80.  He was the founder (with his deceased wife, Norma) of Theatre Three in 1961 and for the past fifty years was its artistic director, the longest of any artistic director in the United States. Not to mention all the other tasks done for the Theatre like marketing, set designs, directing, and acting in various shows over the years.  His passion, energy, and intellect were legend.  He was totally active and engaged until, literally, his last breath.  

He was a tireless advocate for the performing arts, not just for Theatre Three, on a level which over the years transformed the Dallas arts community. The breadth and depth of his passion during his life and the huge hole it will leave in so many people's lives going forward is best conveyed by others in the following articles.

The Announcement of Jac's death, North Texas Performing Arts News, by Mark Lowry

Dallas Morning News obituary

In Memoriam by Shari Stern 

The American Theater  Alexandra Bonifield

Dallas Morning News article, Nancy Churnin, reviewing the Celebration Of Life on July 13th.

The celebration of Jac's life was in Dallas July 13th, 2015. It was a most joyous occasion recounting again and again his astounding  achievements, the wondrous number of lives he impacted and the incredible impact he had on his passion -- the performing arts and in particular live theater. Held at the Dallas City Performance Hall, seating for 750 was packed with standing room only.  Included in the fantastic Celebration were wonderful eulogies, singing, dancing, and recitations. Laugh, cry, and applaud, minute by minute. As Jac's final instruction made clear, 

I prefer to have any celebration-of-life ceremony include a eulogy, along with secular readings and music that brought joy and inspiration to my life. Let there be delicious food and useful libations for the mingling after the talking and singing.  Then everybody get on with it.   

And that is what we did and that is what we will do.  

Below is a 5 minute video constructed from still pictures of Jac's amazing life. A special thanks to Lois Leftwich and Sid Curtis, both Theatre Three board members, who produced it.   It was repeatedly shown on big screen off-and-on during the entire Celebration as background for various presenters.  

Below is 7 minute complication of about 70 of his drawings -- just doodles, if you will, he created to simply occupy his prolific artistic mind.

What a life -- this amazingly talented and beloved person, my dear brother Jac.


Annual Xmas Dinner with the Hurtt Family- Dec. 2012

K_DSC0047 copy.jpg (207842 bytes)K_DSC0053 copy.jpg (325075 bytes)Both Brad & Scott were both here for Christmas and we attended an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" dinner with the Hurtt clan.  Bob and Brad didn't have ugly sweaters, but we did have equally tacky battery operated, articulated, musical Santa hats.  By the way, the Alder/Hurtt Christmas get-togethers now date back over 40 years!  How cool is that for a wonderful family Holiday tradition? 

During the evening Caroline, Anne and Brian's daughter and Mike & Kaye's granddaughter, created this fun video.  She did it in about 10 seconds on an iPhone.  Don't you just hate 8 year olds who are technologically smarter than you?  Seriously goofy funny.  Thanks Caroline.


Our Bike Riding Trip to France - Sept. 2012

Our latest great adventure was our recent bike riding-trip in France.  Here's a teaser photo. 


For comprehensive coverage of this wonder event, visit the SmugMug pictorial of our trip or just click on the image at left.  Be sure to read the captions for each photo to get the full story.



ALDER Get-Together July 2012

(Click to enlarge even more)

No, this isn't the "Last Supper."  At least we hope not!   Rather, a gathering of many of the Alder Clan.  Left to right, Norma, Ashleigh Alder, Bruce, "Happy,"  Jac, Bob, Andrew Hirko, Bri Kovacs, and Hunter Kovacs. 

Happy came to Denver on her long summer road trip and Jac came up from Dallas meaning all five siblings were in town.  So, Norma hosted dinner for all of us plus Ashleigh (Bruce's daughter), two of her kids -Bri and Hunter- and Bri's finance Andrew.   A really good time over several days.  And a great picture, thanks to Hunter.


GLADYS ALDER, 1914-2010

As many visitors to this site will know, Mother passed away May 11th 2010 at 95 years of perpetual youth.  She was amazing in her zest for enjoying life. She made it her business to like wherever she was, stay in good humor in the face of adversity, and reach out to all the people who touched her life. 

Incredible help came from Denver Hospice for the last seven months, keeping her comfortable and supporting both her and the family in this human journey. She's been able to laugh many times, remaining competent almost throughout. She remained her usual generous self, interested in others and their lives, even as her own life was weakening. 

This vibrant woman touched many, many lives. Her lifetime of music-- teaching, playing, singing, listening, appreciating--will be her legacy. We will certainly miss her, but her influences will remain in all who knew her. We were very, very lucky to have her for a mother.

Click here to review a page devoted to Mom and some of her more recent accomplishments.



In February we returned to the Hawaiian Islands after a five-year absence.  We were fortunate to again spend the first week with our good friends Mike and Kaye Hurtt at their great home on Kauai.  In fact, it was a reunion of osrts since Diane and Steve Christensen were also there.  Five years ago the four of us also visited Mike and Kaye and had such a grand time, a re-do seemed appropriate.

Then for our second week we went over to the Big Island.  Not having been over there in maybe 30+ years, it was nice to revisit "Hawaii."  

Below are a couple of pictures from the trip, but a complete Gallery can be found on our SmugMug site.  To visit that site CLICK HERE to visit our SmugMug site.  Click on any below to enlarge.

HA-101.jpg (54402 bytes)

HA-121.jpg (50379 bytes)

HA-145.jpg (51610 bytes)

HA-132-R.jpg (62989 bytes)

Orchids, Hawaii's trade mark flower. The "Gang" - Mike, Kaye, Diane C., Steve, Bob and Diane A. Diane and Bob at Hanalei Bay, one of the most beautiful in the Islands. A classic Hawaiian sunset.
Scott's marriage to Kirsten!!
scott-kirsten--07-web.jpg (58674 bytes)
Scott Alder & Kirsten Bergquist - Nov. 2006, Hawaii

November, 2006 -- Scott and Kirsten (Bergquist) recently went on a long vacation to Hawaii's big Island.  Scott, being a bit of a romantic, waited until they were on top of Mauna Loa to pop the question and to offer her a ring.  She was completely surprised.  Great!  The attached picture was taken soon after the great moment while still on the top of the volcanic mountain.  Pretty spectacular setting, don't you think?


April 20-22, 2007 -- Kirsten's folks, Chuck & Karen, held a great engagement party in Longview over this weekend.  Scott and Kirsten had driven up the week prior, Diane and I were able to go up for the weekend, and a good time was had by all.  

EngagementParty-BergquistPh.jpg (58268 bytes)

The Bergquist Clan at the Engagement Party in Longview with Bob, Diane, and Scott


September 22, 2007 -- The wedding weekend was a spectacular success.  Kirsten organized it and everything came off with a "hitch."  (Sorry.  Couldn't resist the bad pun.)  Even the weather cooperated.  The following pics are but a teaser.   Please click on this link to my SmugMug Gallery devoted to their engagement and wedding.  It's well worthwhile, many more pictures, captions, etc.   (SmugMug Hints) 


Before The Wedding

(Click on any image to enlarge)

z-MenInBlack.jpg (62265 bytes)

z-BobDiScottKirsten.jpg (62019 bytes)

z-FlowerDog.jpg (104057 bytes)


The Wonderful Outdoor Wedding

z-HavingFunBride.jpg (88920 bytes)

z-aTear.jpg (67812 bytes)

z-DoneDeal.jpg (119434 bytes)

After The Wedding

z-Alders all.jpg (100790 bytes) z-BrideGroom.jpg (61050 bytes) z-TheNewlyWeds.jpg (80414 bytes) z-CakeCutting.jpg (52294 bytes)


  For more pictures, please click on this link to our SmugMug Gallery devoted to their engagement and wedding.