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San Jose, California
June 17-18, 2006
The "Hollywood Sportscar" Sunbeam Tiger


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Dave Stone and his recently completed "Hollywood Sportscar" Tiger

A nice frontal view of the car


In mid-June I attended a Sunbeam Tiger event in San Jose. The purpose of my visit was to be re-united with the very original Firestone tires taken off my Alexis Project car. (Some of us are easily amused!)

You may recall that the 37-year old on the Alexis tires were in such great shape that I felt they should find a home on some significant restoration. As it turned out, this was accomplished when I gave the tires to Dave Stone in California. He was restoring a very historically significant Sunbeam Tiger -- The Hollywood Sportscar Tiger -- which is a uniquely successful Tiger racecar of the mid-60s, 1966 to be exact.  The car gets its "Hollywood Sportscar" name from the famous Doane Spencer race prep shop where the car was built for racing back in the 60s. Most unexpectedly, that Tiger actually used the exact same 13" tires which were taken off the Alexis. Dave even had period pictures of the car shod in the very same Firestone tires.  So, he was most anxious and appreciative of getting them for his significant project car.

The first big unveiling of his beautiful restoration was at this Tiger event and so I went out to see it (and my tires). It was a great event centered around the unveiling of Dave #55 Tiger.  Obviously it was as big a hit as the car was immaculately restored in every minute detail of period correctness.    An honored guest for the weekend was Ron Dykes who actually drove the car to its championship in 1966.

The car has already been accepted for the Monterey Pre-Historics in August (Yes, the car is of that caliber). Maybe that will cause me to finally go see the Monterey event. It would be fun to see the car on-track (albeit with some newer rubber on the road!!).

So, thanks to Dave for inviting me. It was a pleasure seeing the fruits of his two year endeavor -- a true labor of love.  



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As seen by the reflections, a flawless paint job


A close up of the "Alexis" Firestone tire All original instruments