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If you have contemporary pictures of your Bobsy, please send them to us for everyone to see.  It would be great to have pictures of as many of the cars currently competing as possible.  If you have it on track, you probably have some great photos.  Send 'em along.  Also, let us know if you have some neat Bobsy related web links we could add.

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After purchasing Jerry Bernheimer's SR-3 in February of 2018, Troy Tinsley campaigned the car. Below are several short videos which Troy took. One a video his first race with CSRG at their Fall 2018 event, another his April 2019 race again at Sonoma, and a third a very nice video of Troy and Don Anderson practicing at the 2021 Laguna Historics.  In 2023 Troy sold the car to Nick Fudge. 

Don Anderson has supplied the following video of him racing at the 2018 Porsche Rennsport Reunion. The race promoter informed him that I had been moved up to the race group of the later fast cars, so winning was now out of the question. Despite being one of the smallest cars in the field, he got 8th, behind two 917s, three 908s, a 910, and a 906 with a 2.7L engine.  Hardly a fair fight with his smaller Porsche powered Bobsy SR-3.  However, he did manage to turn  his fastest lap ever at Laguna Seca that weekend, by 1.5 seconds.  (The race starts at about the 5 minute mark on the video.)


Newman_Suiting up.jpg (608289 bytes)Newman_SR2_cockpit.jpg (1621932 bytes) Bobsy_Rupert_May-2010-web.jpg (59818 bytes)

The "early build" SR-2 was owned and campaigned by Walt Sikes on the West coast until May of 2011 when the car was purchased by Hugh Tompkins (MD).  In 2017 sold to Jeffrey Newman (OR).  It's been completely re-done in 2017-18 and is now back on track 2018, attending Monterey.  Pictures are after Newman's ownership/restoration.  

The Alder SR-3 at its first competitive weekend at RMVR May 2010 event. Diane is at the wheel really enjoying the "new" car.. For a complete pictorial of the car's restoration, click here.

Oh my gosh.  Don Anderson commissioned this amazing artist rendering of his Porsche Powered SR-3.  The artist, Zachary Whitaker, did an amazing job.  Very cool, to say the least.  Don will be taking the car to Rennsport Reunion in September of 2015, a race he won at the last one 4 years ago (2011).  .

Rennsport 2015

Once again, Don Anderson represent Bobsy well at Rennsport Reunion 2015 at Laguna Seca in his Porsche powered SR-3.  Per Don's narrative: 

 "Saturday was a great race for me. I started 12th and finished 7th. I turned one of my fastest laps ever at Laguna. The field in my race was very diverse, with some of the fastest race cars that Porsche ever built. There was a 917-30, three 917 Gulf LeMans cars, a 908 long tail LeMans car, a 908-03, and several 908-02s in my race.

"On Saturday afternoon, Porsche hosted an Invitational Concours show in the pit lane. Fortunately, I was selected to display my Bobsy-Porsche, and placed next to the 917-30.

"Sundays race was not so good. I started 7th, and lost a couple places right away, trying to shift from 1st to 2nd gear. Then, as some of the very fast cars came through from the back of the pack, I got pushed off line and out into the tire marbles and got a lot of pick up on my tires, which gave me a terrible vibration in the front and a loss of traction. My lap times went 3 seconds a lap slower.  I tried to get them scrubbed off, but as I was being lapped by the lead cars, I got shoved off into the dirt. I saved it without spinning, but now had gravel stuck into my tires along with the marbles, so was even slower, and lost another place. I finished 7th, since a few other cars spun or crashed. Karen was just happy that I got out undamaged."

Anderson_Rennsport_2015_2-w.jpg (80604 bytes) Anderson_SR3_pic-web.jpg (121898 bytes) Anderson_Rennsport_2015_Nos.jpg (69818 bytes)
Don on the quintessential Laguna Corkscrew A recent neat photo of Don's beautiful SR-3 Pretty, huh?

Anderson_Rennsport_2011_1.jpg (191011 bytes)

Anderson_rennsport_2011_2.jpg (90197 bytes)

Don Anderson's Porsche SR-3 has attended the Porsche Rennsport Reunions twice at Daytona and at Laguna in 2011.  Shown here on the podium receiving the first place trophy for his race with 43 other cars.   The picture at right is the car being show in the "Special Bodied Porsches" section of the show.  We Bobsy owners would prefer "Special Engined Bobsy", but ......their show, their rules.

Don Anderson had the misfortune of blowing up his Porsche engine in 2009.  Picture at right is the new motor, almost done. -- A thing of beauty, indeed.  Must have served him well at Rennsport 2011.

Anderson_Engine.jpg (54387 bytes)
Anderson_SR-5_Num5-9_001-web.jpg (68435 bytes) Anderson_SR-5-9-BodyOff-web.jpg (123204 bytes) Anderson-SR-5-9_Engine-web.jpg (129388 bytes)
The above are pictures of the SR-5, serial #9 which was owned and restored by Don Anderson.   In 2017 Don sold it.  That buyer (wished to remain anonymous in the Registry) then he sold it in 2023 to John Benton (CA). John is refurbishing engine and plans to have car on track in the fall of 2023.

McKaySR-3_1-web.jpg (91000 bytes)

McKaySR-3_2-web.jpg (93413 bytes)

SR-4_Cesare-web.jpg (49240 bytes)Kupferman_Monterey_2018.jpg (570079 bytes)Bobsy_SR-4_Smith.jpg (115464 bytes)

Jeff McKay's SR-3

Last raced in '07. Completely rebuilt after a shunt, now white.

This is the one-and-only running SR-4 prototype when owned and raced by Joe Cesare (RMVR) shown here at at vintage support race at the 2006 ChampCar street race in Denver.  The car was raced by Steve Kupferman 2016-2019 in California as pictured in the center at the 2018 Rolex Monterey.  Dec. 2019 car sold to John Rogers Smith (LA) and pictured at right as when sold to Smith. 

SR7-Powers1-web.jpg (57750 bytes)

AndersonsSR5-2.2_web.jpg (48939 bytes)

Barney Powers has probably the last Bobsy made, an SR-7.  While it is chassis #2, it was apparently completed after chassis #2.  Since purchase in '81 it has been and is still running in SCCA as a DSR (Suzuki engine).

This is  SR-5, #2 chassis as restored to a roller by Don Anderson.  Purchased by Amber Stephenson in 2015.

Nelson_SR5.jpg (41639 bytes) Tinsley_sr3_10-29-2020.JPG (1946674 bytes) Tinsley_2020.jpg (233652 bytes)

This is the George Nelson's SR-5 now owned by Dick Benson in Colorado.  Dick purchased it in 2010 and has since raced it with RMVR in the Red Roof livery.

Above (#9) is the 1965 SR-3 whne owned and raced by Troy Tinsley.  The picture at right is Troy at a CSRG race in 2020. Also see the Troy Tinsley 2018 video at top of page.  By the way, In 2023 car sold to Chip Fudge in Oklahoma. The car is available for sale. 

Cowell_SR2-P2274814-web.jpg (50543 bytes)

Cowell_Brandshatch-web.jpg (97700 bytes)

Cowell_Cotsworth_Bobsy-SR2_.jpg (83350 bytes)

Graham Cowell get his SR-2 out for a day of  testing day at the Goodwood track.  "Car went great, even on the old rubber. Maxed out revs on straight, it was flying."   June, 2010 --  Graham Cowell on track at Brandshatch in his SR-2Graham's car has an ownership history including time spent in Denver and in California.   Dec. 2011 -  This is Graham's car back when Mike Cotsworth owned and raced the car in California.  The picture was in 1988 at Sears Point (Now called Infenion Raceway.)   Thanks to Mike for scanning and sharing this photograph.

Cowell_2011_Madgwick-Cup.jpg (93193 bytes)

March, 2012 - Graham has been really good about sharing pictures of his car in the UK  Click here for a link to a website which shows some neat pics of Graham's car at the Goodwood track during a Masters Series held at that famous circuit. 

Cowell_SR-2_Fall-2020 .jpg (1246607 bytes)

The car in the Fall of 2020

October,  2010 -- The  car below is the famous, if not "infamous" #11 Bobsy owned and race by Duck Waddle for more years than anyone can remember.  As of Oct. 2010, Duck has decided to retire from racing after 60 years!  He sold the car to Trevor Seckel in the UK.   This is the end of an era in Bobsy history.  And since then, Duck died in 2018. Below is a tribute to Duck, a true gentleman racer..
waddle_SR-2_web.jpg (123929 bytes)


Seckel_108_2011_Madgwick-Cu.jpg (88284 bytes) Trevor_Seckel_MoviePic_2014.jpg (108030 bytes)
October, 2011 --   Also in the 2011 Goodwood Madgwick Cup Race was Trevor Seckel's ex-Duck Waddle car.  It has been rebuilt with a period SR-2 body (he had moulds made). The new headlamp covers did not arrive in time unfortunately so it ran without them. The car now has a period dry sump 1.6 Alfa Romeo engine.  February 2014 -- Trevor has been good about sending pics of his car. Treovr says,  "This photo was taken on a film shoot for a major movie at a UK circuit where the Bobsy was being used in some of the pit scenes . . . " August 2015 -- Trevor can now tell us the scenes were in the move U.N.C.L.E. which is now being released and his Bobsy made it past the cutting room. So go see the movie. (It's getting good reviews as an enjoyable spoof on the old TV series, The Man From U.N.C.L.E..) 

Summer 2017 -  Trevor "took the car up to the historic race festival at Croft racing circuit in the North of England in August and got a class win and seventh overall.  This was pleasing as all the cars in front were in the 2 litre class and much more powerful than us (the winner was an Elva Mk 7 with a 2litre BMW engine with 230hp). However we beat all the Lotus 23B's , Elva Mk 7's and Merlyns in the 1600 class together with all the GT cars apart from a 289cu ins TVR Griffith guided missile. 

"We had an entry in the Goodwood Revival again last year 2016.  They only have a race for under 3 litre sports racing cars 1960 to 1965 about every four or five years so it was nice to get the invitation.  

"Where ever we go the car attracts crowds round it and the usual comment is it is the best looking car of the event.  This was rather nice at Goodwood as the place is full of megabucks race cars.  All credit to the Mongs for getting it right."

Tribute to Duck Waddle

Gordon "Duck" Waddle passed away in March of 2018 from cancer.  As noted, he'd hung up his helmet in 2010 but not before becoming a bit of a legend in racing circles.  For many decades he raced Bobsy Sports Racers. He instructed for half a century with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and Skip Barber Racing School, Waddle’s career encompassed earning five divisional SCCA championships and one national SCCA championship.  For many years Duck was granted "Advisor in Residence" status with a permanent all-summer spot in the paddock of Road America for his RV and Bobsy SR-3, always willing to share his extensive knowledge of the track. . 

Both Trevor Seckel and Bob Alder have the honor of racing Bobsy SRs which Duck had owned. To provide just a glimpse into the  man, rather than his racing accomplishments,  here are some quotes about Duck.

"A gentleman racer all the way until the end. Goodspeed, Duck Waddle.” "

"He was clever, knowledgeable, helpful, nice, and humble"

"Simply a super guy to visit with in the paddock"


Mong's First race car, the Mong Porsche Spyer, now owned and raced by Tom Miller:

Picture below in middle is Tom Miller's "Mong-001" being raced in 2007 at the Mount Washington Hill Climb.  This is Jerry Mong's first race car (built in 1958 with steel tube frame with formed aluminum body work).   GREAT history on this car.  Really nice to see it still running.  It is now powered by Porsche and known as the "Mong Porsche Spyder,"  Click here for a more detailed history of this significant pre-"Bobsy" car.    And  click here for link to a color video of the car being raced by Floyd Sable (who purchased the car from Mong) at the Milwaukee Mile in 1961 or 1962.  Picture at right the car at Lime Rock in 2016.  Not sure of time and location of picture on left.

Miller_Mong-001_web.jpg (71278 bytes) Moog-001_LimeRock2016.jpg (165168 bytes)

Miller_MtEquinox_2011_1.jpg (94053 bytes)Miller_MtEquinox_2011_2.jpg (105041 bytes)PorscheSpyder_Equinox-2017.jpg (301118 bytes)

Mt. Equinox Hill Climb 2016 & 2017

Miller_Spyder_Pocono_1.jpg (140902 bytes)Miller_Spyder_Pocono_2.jpg (175352 bytes)


October, 2011 -  More Pictures from Tom Miller, owner of the "Mong Porsche Spyder"  Per his email, "Pictures [at left]  are from 2011 Mount Equinox Hill climb in Manchester Vermont. It is one of the longest continuously running hill climbs around. Run by the VSCCA, there is a great field of cars. I got 7 runs in, still sorting this car out. I was pitted next to John Fitch last year with his Phoenix race car. He did the climb, he is something like 92! His co-driver I think was 96. Great fun. I ran it this year with the Porsche 1600 Super Push rod motor. I’m still working on the Porsche Spyder 4 cam motor, hopefully I will get it done and in the car next year. I still need some parts for a 1500 4 cam Spyder motor (Type 547) if anybody has this type of thing. (distributors, Generator stand, fan, etc.)"   April 2014 --  Tom sent the pictures at right taken at Pocono, "First time on a road course in about 10 years, although it has done hill climbs the last 6 years." 

GladeMiller_SR-3.jpg (653607 bytes)


Baird_2009_Monterey-web.jpg (42572 bytes)

RandyHill_Sanoma_2019.jpg (2198589 bytes)
Tom Taff's SR-3 Bobsy.  The long nose and replacement uprights might mean it started life as an SR-2, but for all practical purposes is now an SR-3 with those updates.  The car is complete, just not raced for a number of years.     Vegatune 1300 cc Twin Cam and 5-speed Hewland.  Tom purchased the car in June of  2018. Picture above is from when Glade Miller owned the car.  John Baird at Monterey in 2009 at left.  In 2018 John sold the car to Randy Hill.  Pic at right is Randy at CSRG April 2019 at Sanoma running the car for the first time since buying it from John.  The pic at left (when John Baird owned) is Conceptcarz.com  where other nice pics of John's Bobsy are included.  Also, see this article for some interesting history about this car.  It is the SR-3 prototype "wide engine bay" car built for Millard Ripley in 1964 to accommodate an  opposed Porsche power planet.  Later the car was modified by Mong back to a "regular" engine bay for inline engines, today running a 1720cc Twin Cam..  

Claridge_SR-3_Corondado-web.jpg (76103 bytes)

karl-gnadinger011.jpg (33925 bytes)

Rankin_SR-6_R-web.jpg (61768 bytes)

Rankin_SR-6_2014_web.jpg (88629 bytes)

Gnandinger_SR-3.jpg (440222 bytes)This is the very unique Corvair powered SR-3 (only one of its kind) shown above at the Coronado Speed Festival.  In 2007, it won the Cunningham Award at the Coronado Speed Festival. In late 2011 the car was sold by Tom Clarige (CA) and went to France and is now owned by Karl Gnadinger.  It is currently for sale. Contact Karl at karl.gnadinger@orange.fr GNADINGER-at-Milano-Classica.jpg (465742 bytes)

This is a recent picture Karl provided. The car was being shown Milano Classica  Nov. 23rd to 25th of 2018.

This SR-6  Chassis #18 ran  SCCA and vintage races by Michael Rankin with a 1600 Twin Cam at Road America and Blackhawk Farms.   Note checkered flag indicating the car is still competitive.  In 2015, the car was sold by Michael to Ward Witkowski then in 201g sold to Tom Quaranto (CO). Above, in 2014 when owned by Michael Rankin the  SR-6  Chassis #18 in a new livery.  Below the car as raced by Tom. 

TomQuaranto_SR-6.jpg (185352 bytes)

Gelpi_SR2-3_2-web.jpg (99989 bytes)

SR-6_wilson_SVRA_Sebring_20.jpg (77099 bytes)

Paul Gelpi's SR-2 with SR-3 upgrades.  Paul runs a 1500 Cosworth engine and has raced with SVRA.  Paul had a class win at the 2014 Hawk at Road America. As noted in the caption, this is the SR-6 of Larry Wilson at SVRA's Sebring event, March, 2011..
PaulusSR-1_01.jpg (68172 bytes) PaulussR-1_02.jpg (62112 bytes) PaulusSR-1_03.jpg (65372 bytes) PaulusSR-1_04.jpg (64957 bytes)
Above are four current pictures provided by the current owner of what is believed to be only survivor of the original  Heir "Bobsy Twins" SR-1 cars (see the History page for more details on this car and its place in the history of these cars.)  The current owner of the car is George Vapaa. 

VictoryLane_bobsy_web.jpg (79869 bytes)

It's not every day that a Bobsy makes the cover of Victory Lane.  But Frank Slejko's Alfa powered SR-2 was right there on the July 2011 cover.  Congratulations, Frank.  

Current picture of Frank's Slejko SR-2  This car is for sale.  Click to enlarge.

Kinsman.jpg (68948 bytes)

Tom Kinsman makes the December issue of Victory Lane in a story covering SOVREN's "Fall Finale" in Sept. of 2011 at Pacific Raceways.  Even nicer, he placed first in his run group.  Car now owned by Ralph Salomon (NY).

Salomon_SR-2.jpg (68305 bytes)

The car as now owned by Ralph Salomon in 2021

Feldman_SR-5_web.jpg (51849 bytes)

Moodini.jpg (551916 bytes)The 

The John Stokes SR-5 pictured at Road Atlanta where he raced it in 1977-78. Mike Feldman's SR-5.  The car runs a Ford 1600 and has SR-6 bodywork  It is being raced by Mike and his son. OK.  If you read the caption, you'll note that this car is known as Moodini, not a Bobsy.  But the body work is, in fact, Bobsy.  The reason the car is featured here is the builder of this car back in the 60s was David Moothart.  David's son, Mike, is now racing with RMVR in a Formula Ford.  Here's a link to the full story on this car as recently published in Victory Lane.  Still on track after 48 years.
Smith_SR-3_86.jpg (1067004 bytes) Sharp_sn86_SR-3_2016_1-web.jpg (142032 bytes)TimSharp_Coronado_2013_web.jpg (126604 bytes)
This beautiful SR-3  (chassis #86) is now owned by Tim Sharp (AZ).  It was purchased from Ed Ziegler in late 2012..  It ran Alfa TwinCam in 2012-2013, but is being converted BMW 2L power.  Above pic at left is Coronado 2013.  (Note Don Anderson's car in background.).  Two pics on right are 2016.   Also Tim at Coronado in 2013.  Any picture of a Bobsy getting under and passing a Lotus 23 is worth seeing.  Per Tim "Raced at the Sonoma race and the 100th Anniversary BMW Octoberfest event in August 2016. Planning to run the SVRA Sonoma and COTA races in 2017."
Smith_SR-3_67_a.jpg (290241 bytes) Smith_SR-3_67_c.jpg (310604 bytes) Smith_SR-3_67_b.jpg (293474 bytes) TimSharp_SR-3_UnderResto.jpg (488801 bytes)
Tim Sharp, a recent Bobsy owner, now has two SR-3 cars.   He also now owns chassis #67, the historically significant "Doc" Wyllie car.  It is now being restored.  Pictures above show the quality of restoration being done in Oregon.  When finished the two cars will be raced by Tim and his son, Spencer.  Tim will be the only two-car Bobsy team (with cars actually on track) out there   Congratulation Tim!
Williams_SR-2a_Kit_web.jpg (228224 bytes) Benson_SR-5.jpg (433528 bytes) Benson_SR-5_Trueman1975Runoffs.jpg (344845 bytes) Benson_chassis 5-3_Mong-signing_2017.JPG (155023 bytes)
 Joe William's historically significant SR2A.  Read all about it on the Registry Page.  While it has been sitting for a couple of years, it is reportedly race ready and now for sale. Dick Benson's "Red Roof Inns" car as it is today.  This car was raced successfully by Jim Trueman in the day. As you cans see from this period picture of the Trueman car at the 1975 Runoffs, Dick has replicated the livery perfectly..  In 2017 Dick had a sizeable wreck in this car.  He sent the tub to be fixed by Ron Mong. Ron had his dad, Jerry, sign the repaired chassis. 
Benton_SR-5.jpg (358815 bytes) Taff_OnTrack_2023.PNG (1073188 bytes)
Above, one of the few SR-5 cars.  This one recently (2023) purchased by John Benton (CA) who plans to have it re-commissioned after a long period of not running and on track with a fresh engine rebuild by the Fall. Tom Taff's SR-3 on track in 2003 after his magnificent 5-year restoration.  

ThreeBobsyHistorics.jpeg (137324 bytes)

THREE, count 'em, Bobsy sports racers at the 2017 Historics.  Leading is Don Anderson and his Porsche powered SR-3, followed by Dick Benson in his 1300 cc DBH powered Red Roof Inn SR-5, and then Steve Kupferman in his 1600 Pushrod SR-4.  Very cool.  Bobsy LIVES. 

Video Links

 (With the advent of great video cameras and the internet, we'd also encourage racers to send in links to their Bobsy videos.)

Here's a neat video taken by Don Starks being passed by and chasing Don Anderson in his Porsche powered Bobsy at Coronado (2010).

Also mentioned elsewhere on this site (on the History page), this is an amazing video, in color, of the original 1961 "Mong Special" (the prototype for Bobsy cars-to-come) being raced by Floyd Sable at the Milwaukee Mile in 1962.  Floyd purchased the "Bobsy Special" car from Mong. 


Other Interesting Links

Bob Alder's restoration of the 1969 Bobsy FF  Bob Alder's Restoration of SR-3 Chassis #77 

Sport Racer.Network, the amazing work of Tom Clayton,  is a treasure trove of pictures of Bobsy and all other sports racers.  Below are just a couple of specific pages devoted to Bobsy cars: 

Tom Miller, owner of the Jerry Mong's first race car (now called the "Mong Porsche Spyder") has a website for his business, Tom Miller Sports and Classics.

Sports Racer Net has a section devoted to vintage sports racers.   Well worth a look for great pictures at sports.racer.net/vintage.htm

Another great site for finding historical info on Bobsy sports racers is racingsportscars.com.  Below are couple of links to give you an idea:.

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