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The Bobsy Sports Racer Registry

The table below represents the best information we have at this time.  New and improved information is encouraged.  Please contact us via phone or email with any new information and we'll try to incorporate it into the body knowledge of these great cars.  Info on prior ownership is quite helpful.  See Home Page on how to contact us.


If you wish to directly contact any of these owners, please send your request to us and we'll forward your inquiry to the person if we have their contact information. 


Hints for interpreting the table:   


If the owner's name is in green, they've been confirmed as the current owner.

Entries where owner's name is in light yellow are old information from registry data in the late '90s, thus info  may well be out of date.

If in light blue, the car may be available for sale.  If no contact info is indicated in the listing, please contact r.alder@earthlink.net and your inquiry will be forwarded to the owner.

The ">" symbol is used to convey an ownership change. And, for example,  '94>  means that in '94 the car changed ownership between the individuals shown.

"Per Wehrheim" or "Per Don" are notes taken from prior mid-90s registry info and haven't been recently confirmed.

If the "model" designation in any particular  registry listing is bold and underlined and in a different color (e.g.  looks like this  SR-3), it is a clickable link to a current pictures of that particular car.


Please help us clarify the many unconfirmed car owners (i.e. those where owner's names are in light yellow background).  Thanks!


  Last Update: 3/25/2019 All cars with known owners: 51 NOTE: Cars in light blue are for sale. If you have an interest and contact info isn't provided, send an email to me at r.alder@earthlink.net and I'll forward your interest to the owner.
Confirmed - Current owner Cars not raced currently: 27
Unconfirmed Owner and/or Dated info Cars still being raced: 24
First Name Last Name (Residence state) Model (Hot-Link to pic) Serial Number(1) Engine Being Raced? Notes
The "Early Cars:"
Tom Miller (NJ) Mong-001 1958 1600 Porsche PR Yes Now referred to as the "Mong Porsche Spyder," this is confirmed by Jerry Mong as the first car he built in about 1958. It is a steel tube frame, alloy body, powered originally by a 1500cc Carrera 4 cam motor. (Tom has a four cam being rebuilt. For now running a 1600 PR Porsche). VSCCA car. Street Legal! For more complete story on the car see the "HISTORY" page of the registry. Mong ~'61>Floyd Sable (MN) ~'64>Dr. Ricardilli (IL) ~'65>?? >Richie Muckolow '69>Dolf Battifarianno(NJ) '73>John Risch '07>Tom Miller(NJ).
George Vapaa (DE ) SR-1 #1 Saab 850 No See the History Page for more info on this and the other original SR-1 cars. This car was originally delivered to and raced by Kaye & Allyn Heir. Delivered with DKW power, they quickly went to a Saab GT motor. In in '65 or '66 > R. Gordon Black who sold it to ?? in apx. 1970. This car was sold by Race-Cars.com ('07) to Paulus. Per Race-Cars, "only SR1 left" . . ."only remaining SR1 the Bobsy twin". ZF gearbox. June 2017 > Vappa. Undergoing restoration 2018.
Unknown (destroyed)   SR-1 #2 Saab 850 No See the History Page for more info on this and the other original SR-1 cars. This was the other original SR-1 car which Jerry raced and then sold to Al Beasley in early 1963 who, it is believed, wrecked the car at some point.
SR-2 (At least 10 that we know of for sure.):
Graham Cowell (UK) SR-2 14 1.5 Ford Pre-Crossflow Yes [Jim Proffit rebuild (late 70s)] Ratterink ~84> Cotsworth '95> Chas.Kolb/Robt. Beatty(GA) via Fantasy Junction. Wrecked (a Mong rebuild.) '08> to Cowell(UK) via Race-Cars.com. Randy Pobst & Chas Hoopaugh drove car at one point. Has SR-3 bodywork.
John Coyle (UK) SR-2A ?? DKW Yes SCCA Nat. Championship winning car. Al Beasley bought car from Mong and started racing it in 1964. SCCA Logbooks entries from then ’72 [when SCCA Logbooks first started) to 1985. SCCA Runoffs in 8 of those years. Beasley won Championship in ’66 at VIR. Beasley’89> Hans Huwyler who asked it be rebuilt by Beasley.  Huwyler ran a few times, then stored the car. Huwyler ~’05 > Joe Willaims (GA).  Joe let it sit another few years.  It came with one stock DKW and one "highly ported" DKW.  Williams had Peter Krause update some brakes and safety stuff and "fit" the controls and seat. Ran a bit with VDCA. Now has Full-ported DKW 2stroke with triple Webers & Mark 4 gearbox. Williams ’14>Ward Witkowsk. 2016 Ward>Sir John Coyle (UK).
Paul Gelpi (OH) SR-2 #361 Per Gelpi 1500 Cosworth Yes Wherheim > Marvin. Per Wehrheim: Originally powered by an 850cc OSCA motor, then to a Ford 1100. Bought in ~2007 by Gelp. An SR-2 with SR-3 upgrades. 2014 confirmed as the old Marvin Johnson car (by Marvin's son). Now powered by 1500 Cosworth Cross Flow . Numerous class wins in 2014-2016 seasons.
Tom Kinsman (WA) SR-2 "004" Holbay F non-crossflow, 1.3L Yes Could be the car Chuck Dietrich ran in 1963 and featured in the March 1964 Road & Track Bobsy write up by Tony Hogg. (see history page). Much of history not known. More recent history, East Coast via Ratterink > Walt P.(CO)'88>Harry Mathews (CO) ~96 >Kinsman (raced SOVREN). Feb. 2018 Tom is retiring from racing and this very nice car, always professionally maintained, is now for sale. He can be reached by email, tdjkinsman@gmail.com or via the dealer, http://www.millersportscars.com/bobsy-sr2 .  Or this listing https://motorsportsmarket.com/racecars/1963-bobsy-sr-2-dietrich-championship-car/?fbclid=IwAR3U1pWPVti90vT908UM4s1IlgTmrtJbjLmjtyDl4aPucZKLhuMiWlCLcNs
Jeffrey Newman (OR) SR-2 "early build" Alfa 1750 TC Yes Frame was rebuilt by Jack Beck at Orion Engineering 1991] Court Whitlock '09> Walt Sikes. Car sold by Fantasy Junction (for Sikes) May 2011 > Hugh Thompkins. 2017 Thompkins >Jeffrey Newman. Per Jeff 5/1-/2018 "My SR2, the former Whitlock, Sikes, Thompkins car, total restoration comleted, entering Pre-Reunion and Reunion."
Kermit O'Neal (TX) SR-2(?) ?? Lotus TC No Roger Williams(TX) > O'Neal (TX). Came with both SR-2/3 and SR-4/5 body work, but the SR-4/5 was very rough and scrapped.
Ken Petrie (CO) SR-2 5 (02 64 5) Lotus TC Yes New original owner John Iglehart. National Championship, winning car, Osca 850cc in period. Kent Bain(CT) > Walt Pawluczkowycz(CO) '02>Ken Petrie(CO). Car track ready. .
Trevor Seckel (UK) SR-2 "7209" 1.6 Alfa Romeo Yes Tom Atlas with Alfa 1300 > Duck Waddle. Chassis has SR-3 upgrades. As of Oct. 2010, Duck has decided to retire from racing after 60 years! Duck sold the car to Trevor Seckel in 2010. This is the end of an era in Bobsy history. Seckel changed from Fiat to Alfa power. See the Photo page for more info.
Frank Slejko (CO) SR-2 9 (06 64 9) Alfa 1600 TC Yes Brian Burgess '03> Slejko via Race-Cars.com. Didn't run for15 years prior to that.
James Winsor (PA) SR-2 7 (04 64 07) Engineless now No This car has never raced! It is 100% original including tires. It is a complete car which was acquired with an OSCA motor, but James sold that engine is in process of evaluating and fitting a different engine. Kent Bain of Automotive Restorations in Stratford Conn. has the sister car to this one.
Unknown   SR-2 none     Original Owner Gerald Warber. In 2011 Gerald said, "I had the first Bobsy "kit" car from Jerry Mong back in 1965.  It had no serial number so I can't find the thing today.  Sold it in 1973 to a fellow in California, but can't remember his name." A unique feature of the car, the gear shift is the grip from a 38 special pistol.  Not to mention the bicycle horn! Several photos on the History page.
Unknown   SR-2 Possibly the last SR-2     A late SR-2. Purchased by Dan Hemp(VA) from Conn in ~'81 as a "very original car." Dan Hemp(VA) ~'82> Ed Rucker(VA). He sold the car to ?? . Car was probably updated to SR-3 specs.
SR-3 (Apx. 50 made. Exact number including kits is unknowable):  
Bob Alder (CO) SR-3 77 Ford 1600 PR Yes Waddle > Elder[Crashed] ~yr?> Boyajian ~yr?> Michael Weiler '80>Terry Matheny >Chas. Hayes[Hayes or Chicago buyer had Mong rebuild] '80> John Mullen '92>Waddle '03> John Houlton '08>Alder[installed 1600 PR]
Don Anderson (CA) SR-3 One of 4 original SR-3 Wide Engine Bay cars. Porsche Yes Franklin Rudolph > Don Anderson. Rennsport III Nov. 2008 in Europe, 2009 Monterey. Rennsport II-Daytona 200?4, Rennsport III Daytona 2007, Rennsport IV Laguna Seca 2011-Race winner, Monterey 1998 - 2014. Carries #65.
Dean Baker (Canada) SR-3 ?? Martin 2L V8 No Car apparently has thick wall tubing and unique engine (Martin 2L V-8). Per Baker "in pieces but all there, hoping to restore."
Charlie Barns (TX) SR-3 83 Datsun 1200cc No Prior owner Mark Pagenkoph. Reportedly ran in the VSCDA vintage organization with an IMP motor and reportedly the National D championship in 1970. Pagenkoph > Marvin Johnson, raced by Jolyn Johnson (Mavin's Daughter-in-law) Johnson 2003 > Charlie Barns (TX). Charlie never ran. Has a Datsun "A12" 4 cyl. engine. Sadly, Charlie passed away in December 2017. Currently for sale by his estate. Contact John Matlack, idi4cars@gmail.com, who is helping in the sale.
Bill Blackburn SR-3 ??     Per Wehrheim: Sold car to someone in PA.
Karl Gnadinger (France) SR-3 One of 4 original SR-3 Wide Engine Bay cars. Corvair Yes Probably original car built for Mike Von Wolf (OH). Von Wolf '67>John Marcosky ( MI). Various ownership(s) from Marcosky to Schardt unconfirmed, but likely. Jim Schardt(OH) '88> Starr Cook > Tom Claridge (CA). 2011 brokered by Grand Prix Classics. Per their listing, "In 2007 Amelia Island Concour. In 2007 winner of the Cunningham Award at the Coronado Speed Festival. In 2003, winner of the Rolex Performance Award at the Monterey Historics." Claridge 2011> Gnadinger (France). Due to health issues, this car is now for sale, located in France. The car has an Italian FIA passport, a spare engine, and other spares. See Photo Page for additional pictures this unique Bobsy. Contact the owner karl.gnadinger@orange.fr
Robert Connearney (MA) SR-3 ?? Believed to have been Porsche powered at one time. No 2-24-2019 Connearney believes it was raced with a Porsche engine. No engine or transaxle.
Robert Cunningham (MA) SR-3 ?? Lotus 1600   Has/had an SVRA logbook
Jim Dougherty (LA?) SR-3 ??      
Bob Dustan (WA) SR-3 14 (09 64 14) Alfa 1750 Yes Orig. Owner Hans Rooke (CT) > ? > Essex racing > someone(OR) > Terry Matheny '83 > Bill Ferguson(WA). An SR-3 with SR-2 body work. This car was professionally maintained but not raced since 2003. Aug. 2011 > G.H. (WA). Per G.H. in 2016, "car now back on track," probably racing with SOVREN. The car "still has the Airheart calipers and Armstrong shocks." 2018 Heacock > Bob Dustan.
Tony Fleming (MD) SR-3 ?? Renault R8 Gordini 1175 cc No Orignal Owner Peter Young (OH). Young '70 > Sellers Sellers installed a custom R8 Gordini engine, front/rear swaybars and custom shock enhancements. Raced very successfully in Germany '72-'76. Shipped back to U.S. in '76 but not raced since. Car still has the same Gordini engine (less carbs) and a rare Hewland MK-7 (six-speed) tranny. Ken passed away in 2018 and his entire collection, including the Bobsy, is now owned by Tony Fleming (Flemings Ultimate Garage).
David Hale (OH) SR-3 One of 4 original SR-3 Wide Engine Bay cars. Porsche 911 No Original owner Steven Payne-Herbert. Porsche powered since new. Ran at Grattan in '69 and Mid-Ohio in '70. Chuck Akins (OH), Jim Jennings(OH) ~'93 > David Hale. Had Lotus TC in it when purchased, now back to Porsche.
Randy Hill (CA) SR-3 10 (07 64 10). One of 4 original SR-3 Wide Engine Bay cars. 1720 TC Yes Millard Ripley & Charlie Kurtz w/ 1700 Carrera 4 > Ted Tidwell(GA) w/2L 904 > Terry Methaney w/2L > Noah Lacona(IA) who had Mong redo engine bay (back to narrow) and fitted an HRE 1300 TC > Brandt > Ron Hunter(CO) ~'86> Jim Rickle(CO) ~86> Dick Beuter(CO) '87> Blenderman w/1600 PR '05> Marx '08> John Baird(CA), converted to 1600 TC. Baird>2018 to Randy Hill.
Russell Jones (VA) SR-3 ?? Alfa 1600 No Original owner/builder Jack Lawrence (NY) > Jim Mosley > Ed Rucker. Three owner car until 2017. Originally had a 1300 Alfa GTA Jr. motor, now has a 1600 Alfa GTA. Ed is the 3rd owner. The car is for sale. Ed is interested in selling his SR3 as a roller, minus engine. All heim joints and bushings have been replaced as well as completely rebuilt uprights with wheel bearings, etc. All new AN grade hardware. It has a fully rebuilt Hewland MK4 with 0 miles and spare gears. A new floor has been installed. Also, the bodywork has been repaired and has a new paint job. It is currently running 6" and 8" wheels. Comes with some spares and original cast aluminum Bobsy side emblems (not installed) and a copy of the original assembly manual. It will need an engine and will need the suspension set-up and dialed in to your liking. Sadly Ed passed away in Jan. of 2017 and conveyed the car to his long-time friend Russell Jones (804-218-3261). The car remains for sale. Advertised on Race-Cars.com 6-10-2019.
E.B. Lunken (OH) SR-3 ?? 1600 PR No Two owner car. Edw. Walsh orig. owner '72> Lunkens. Ran SAAB engines, a TC, and 1600 PRs. Broken half shaft '76 tore up corner. Still a project car.
Jeff McKay (WA) SR-3 88 1300 Lotus TC Yes Originally had 850 Fiat motor, but was changed to a 1600 Ford. Ed Rucker ~'99> Bill Eyler (CO) installed a 1300 TC Lotus > VanWestenberg(CO) > Walt Pawluczkowycz(CO) '04>Jeff McKay. Last raced in '07. Completely rebuilt after a shunt, now white. Not racing currently, but race ready.
Dan Miller (TX) SR-3 ?? 1600 TC   Per Wehrheim: Miller owned for 15 years. Use to have a SR-6 body, but has not restored back to an SR-3. Dan passed away from cancer. Car is for sale August 1994.
Mark Pagenkopf (WI) SR-3 ?? Datsun    
Tim Sharp (AZ) SR-3 67 BMW No MRJ "doc" Wyllie's car. Ran Under 2 Liter Can Am at Road America 500 in 1965, driven by Bob Nagel, with a BMW engine, . In '69 Vanguard modified to accept a 2 liter, V8 BRM engine. Third in BSR at the VIR National Championship Races at VIR in 1968. At the USRRC at Atlanta in 1970, Wyllie finished 10th in BSR with the BRM V8 engine. Doc Wyllie through 1969. Don Odle bought in 1971. 1978>Don Ludewig 1979>John Lisk (Not sure who else owned from 1979-1992). Randy Bleicher owned in 1992. Bleicher 2004>Sharp(AZ). Planning on BMW power with FT-200 box. Now being restored. See pics on Photos page.
Tim Sharp (AZ) SR-3 86 (?) BMW 2L Yes Washburn(CA) '87> Franklin Rudolph > Richard Ruff (as Roller) who put the Alfa 1600 TC. Ruff(CA) 1999>Don Blenderman(TX) 2000>Ziegler(PA). Ziegler 2012> Tim Sharp Will be fitted with BMW power (like his chassis #67 car)
Allan Sorensen (Denmark) SR-3 085 BMW 2L Yes Ed Rucker > Richard Barnes (PA) >Ward Witkowski '08>Allan Bach Sorensen(Denmark), Ron Mong redid in 1999-2000. Allan refitted from Alfa 1300 to BMW 2L to conform to FIA requirement for "as raced" configuration. Car now in Denmark. As of 10-23-2018 the car is being offered for sale. He can be reached via email allanbachsoerensen@gmail.com
Tom Taff (TX) SR-3 11 (07 64 11) Ford Vegatune Lotus 1300 TC No New to ?? in KY, raced in area but sold by widow in ''85>Ferguson(WA) already owned one other SR-3 (09 64 14). Fergusen2009>Glade Miller(WA). The car has outrigger tube bracing at cockpit. Complete car, just not raced for a number of years. June 2018 GladeMiller > Tom Taff.
Troy Tinsley (CA) SR-3 53 or 55? 1600 TC Yes Built in 1964/1965 for Dick Ganger (OH) but never completed or delivered. >Carl Seman(IL) (who never raced it) and sold it back to Jerry Mong. Mong '84>Dick Rothman(CO). Fitted with Lotus TC by Vector Racing in '85. Raced in SCCA '84-'85. Rothman '85>Shelly Washburn(CA) '85>Blenderman(TX)> Steve Smith > Ravenaugh(TX) '86>back to Rothman. Car rebuilt by Goeff Heller for Rothman. Car has SVRA Logbook and SCCA #/SCCA 039-321, Ran PVGP in '09 and Beaver Run in 2010. May 2011 Rothman>Steve Chamberlin (CA) to be raced with CSRG. Chamberlin 2014>Bernheimer. At one point, Mong said this was the last SR-3 made. February 2018 Car sold by Bernheimer to Troy Tinsley where it will be raced with VARA, CSRG, and HMSA mostly in California.
Richard Anonymous (CT) SR-3 ?? Honda S800 No The car was purchased in '69 or '70 from Jerry Lustig (NJ) who made it from a kit. Then raced as a DSR mostly in the NE, in the AARC series until '73, with Yoshimora Honda S800 engines and six speed Hewland. It has been in a barn since without engine.
Unknown   SR-3 Kit Alfa (in '69)   A kit originally built by Kaye & Allyn Heir after they sold their original SR-1. Originally had Coventry Climax power but Heir converted it to Alfa power. Heir'69> someone in Jacksonville, FL when the Heir brothers stopped racing.
Unknown   SR-3 SR-3 Clone Saab 750   Terry Matheny (constructor) > Dean Elder(IA) > Don Shorts(IL) ~'75> Myron Boyajian(IL) who raced it in the '70s. Sold unknown Chicago area buyer (along with wrecked and still unrepaired SR-3 #77).   Whereabouts of clone now unknown.  However, in Sept. of 2014 Myron confirmed that the body work and maybe some of the suspension parts are now owned (and for sale) by Adam Chovanak, are from his old car, the clone. Whereabouts of the clone’s chassis still unknown.
SR-4 (Only one known to be completed and running. Apparently two SR-4 chassis were made):
Steve Kupferman (CA) SR-4 1 Ford 1600 Pushrod Yes The car was initially sold as a bodyless roller by Vanguard. First configuration was with a 1300 twin cam Alfa Romeo with a Colatti gear box. Raced by Nicholls/Vaglia (OH) '79> Tom Speed > Gordon Pari (OH) who took the car to the Runoffs in '82. Pari '94> Al Hughes(CO) '04> Cesare. Runs SR-5 body. Cesare(CO) '16>Kupferman. Nov. 2018, Steve of offering this car for sale. See ad on ApexSpeed by clicking on the "SR-4" in the Model column or call Steve at 916-475-3783.
David Irwin (CO) SR-4 ?? none No Steven Payne-Herbert, original owner, bought a very basic tub & modified it to not only accept the Porsche 6, but widened the body - not the tub - to cover the much wider wheels. Bought out of a junk yard (year?) near Morgantown, KY by Weldon Scrogham (VA) '99> Irwin(CO). Still a project car in 2016.
SR-5 (We know of 9 made. Could be more ):
?? Anonymous (CA) SR-5 5-9 Cosworth BDD No Hugh Kleinpeter(GA) ~'88> Anderson. After complete restoration, ran for several years. But not currently being run. Engine out at present. 2017 > Sold to owner wishing to remain annonymous. See pictures on Photo Page.

Richard Benson (CO) SR-5 5-3 1300 BDH Yes Orig. Owner Jim Trueman '76> Somes(GA) '77>Jones '78> Flores '88> Loveday '07> Nelson(MA) '2010 > Benson((CO) as roller. (As well as SR-6 spare chassis with damaged LR listed below). Benson restored this SR-5 to a running car 2010-2012. Now running 1300 BDH with menchanical fuel injection.
Michael Feldman (IL) SR-5 5-4 (or #5 or #6?) 1600 Ford Yes Ganger > Fred Knoll > Crookson '88> Hugh Vanzzana > Mike Crumay > Frank Starke '94> Michael Feldman(Chicago). Car has an SR-6 Body. Being raced by Michael and his son.
Lee Johnson (NM) SR-5 5-1 1300cc BDH No Hank Candler(CO) orig. owner. Came with FT200. Candler installed a FVC 1900cc > Ron Hunter(CO) who wrecked it, rebuilt in Calif. > Lee Johnson with no engine or trans installing FVA destroked to 1300cc and SR-6 bodywork and side radiators. Later installed a 1300cc BD-series engine. Johnson '86 > Henage (CO) (via George Ratterink) as roller. Re-skinned with suspension and calipers rebuild completed. MK 9 gearbox by Dan Taylor. Henage>Johnson '15. Still a project car.
Dan Martin (?) SR-5 5-7??     Per Don same car as Tinley?
Bill Niemeyer (OH) SR-5 ?? BDA No Loveday > Niemeyer. Now has SR-6 bodywork. Ex-Jim Truman's car. Has a lot of history. Starting on restoration in 2014.
Amber Stephenson (TX) SR-5 5-2   No Don-Bob Wolf (OH) '87> Ratterink '87> Lars Hansen (CO) as roller ~'88> Anderson (CA) as roller. Improved but still roller. At one time in the early history had a Saab and then a Kohler engine. 2015>Stephenson
John Stokes (VA) SR-5 5-8 Kawasaki ZX-10 No Originally built for Don Ramsey (IN) with a Honda 750 cc motorcycle engine built to 836cc. Ramsey estate '76>Larry Dent (IN), '77> Stokes(VA). Ran as DSR. Runoffs '78(9th/18), 79'(11th/23), '81(8th/22. In 1985 converted to Kawasaki Ninja ZX 1000 but not raced since. ZX-10 Kawasaki engine to be installed. Ramsey made changes to the original chassis including lighter aircraft aluminum suspension pieces, removed the rear wing, and cut away much of the front end including putting slots in the front of the down sloping fenders. Car now has SR-6 body work, re-installed rear wing.
Dan Tinley (?) SR-5 5-7     Per Don same car as Martin car?
SR-6 (Apx. ? made):
Richard Benson (CO) SR-6     No Chassis only, LR corner damage has been repaired by Ron Mong in 2011. Nelson2010> Benson (Along with SR-5 #5-3)
Adam Chovanak (WA) SR-6 11 None No Charlie Kuhlman owned since new. 71 races (1974-1982), 4th CSR @ '75 ARRC Road Atlanta, with Chuck Willis Cosworth injected BDH 1300. Hewland Mk8. Needs engine, some gearbox internals and front caliper. Aug. 2014 Hans Abplanalp selling for Khulman. Spring 2015 sold to Chovanak. As of March 2016, Adam is selling the car. He says, "After spending a couple years with the ex-Charlie Kuhlman Bobsy SR6, I've managed to accumulate a few parts, have the body restored and painted. But it is apparent it'll need a new owner to get it onto the track. Many totes full of spares, extra wheels, uprights, etc. Photos of the body / chassis at: http://sodo-moto.com/listings/bobsy-sr6/ (Cosworth BDH1300 in photos basically just for show, not included.) $12,500 but happy to hear offers or pointers on finding a new home. Adam Chovanak 206.419.9295 or email him at adam_chovanak@yahoo.com
Tom Quaranto (CO) SR-6 SR6-14 1600 Crossflow No Car bought originally in 1974 as C-SR by Robert E Smith '75>William H Nesbitt ~'80>Bill Blackburn ~'86>Ian Carpenter '89>Chuck Haines '97>Jeff Gold. Gold raced it for several years, but had chassis issues and decided to build a replacement of #14 (That car is listed below SR6-14(Replacement). This old chassis and suspension was sold by Gold (with Bud Blom acting as agent) '07>Rankin (SC) Still a roller, but body is brand new & engine is strong, just needs freshening. 2015Rankin>Ward W.(GA). '16 Ward W. > Tom Quaranto (CO). NOT being raced (May '18), currently in storage with new body awaiting restoration powered by 1600 Cross flow with twin Weber’s.
Tom Quaranto (CO) SR-6 SR6-18 1600 TC Yes Raced in the ARRC & CSPRRC series by Fred Knoll > Bill Lockwood (PA) '98> Mike Crumay (PA) '05> Rankin who had Mong "go thru". Per Race-Cars.com (~ '05) "SCCA-1973 to 1986. Runoffs in 1977,78, 79. Vintage since 1987." Rankin changed from PR to TC with mechanical fuel injection. 2015Rankin>Ward W.(GA) '16 Ward W. >Tom Quaranto (CO).
Mark Shockites (PA) SR-6 ?? 1300 Injected four valve No In pieces
Amber Stephenson (TX) SR-6 SR6-19 Cosworth BDH No 1974-1975,run by Jim Trueman (1st at 1975 Runoffs). 1979-1982 run by Neil Harrison (Midwest Division Champion ''79-82, 9th at '79 Runoffs; 5th @ '80 Runoffs; 6th @ '81 Runoffs; 5th @ '82 Runoffs '83-'88. 1985-1988 run by Ron Wilcox (Midwest Division Champion '85-'88). 1989-2003 Martin Dodenhoff owned (vintage raced). 2004 Rich Lambrechts owned. 2005-2014 Dan Helman stored the car for 10 years. 2015 sold to Amber Stephenson.
Larry Wilson (FL) SR-6 SR6-14 (Replacement) BDG Yes This replacement of #14 was commissioned by Jeff Gold after his original #14 had several chassis failures. The new chassis built by Victor Hertfielder and car assembled by Roland Johnson. Equipped with Mazda uprights, 1600 BDA and FT-200, #14 chassis plate went with the replacement car. Gold raced it for several events. 2007 > Larry Wilson who equipped with 2L BDG. Now being raced ,e.g. with SVRA, VDCA and HSR as well as VIR Gold Cup by Wilson.
SR-7 (Only 3 made):
Thompson Museum (Clev., OH)   SR-7   850 Four Valve No Dick Gonger orig. owner. Car now in Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland.
Robert Baxter, Jr. SR-7 SR7-3 Suzuki Yes Dave Ammons orig. owner. Now owned by Robt. Baxter, Jr. Not raced last 25 years but restoration near complete (early 2014) and hope to be on track this year.
Tim Silver (OH) SR-7 SR7-2 None No Roger Clouser orig. owner. '81> Barney Powers. Steel Chassis and Fiberglass body, Powers raced as DSR in SCCA with Honda power plant. #2 is "last made" since it was finished after #3. 2016 Powers>Silver.
(1) The early serial number system -- We’d first heard that, as an example, chassis # 76410 is chassis #7, 64 is 1964 year of manufacture, and 10 referring to the month of manufacture. However, that doesn't work since there are no "14" months and there are several ending in "14". According to Duck Waddle’s notes dated 1/7/1988 he said Jerry Mong said it was Mo/Chassis#/Year. But that doesn't work either because too many center characters are "64", So we’ve concluded that it must be MO/YR/chassis#. At least that way all those long early serial number render unique chassis numbers which are serially consistent with a month of production. Whew!