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"Bobsy Talk" An Email Discussion Group

How It Works

How To Subscribe

Why the need for "Bobsy Talk":

The Bobsy website, www.BobyRegistry.com,  is a great place to document the Bobsy sports racer History, Registry information (owners, current and past), and Photos of these great cars.  However, in addition to the website, there was a growing need for ongoing dynamic dialog with each other on subjects of mutual Bobsy interest such as parts availability, suspension setup, tires, engines, etc.  

So, "Bobsy Talk," an email communications system, has been established! This system is all about easily sharing questions and collective knowledge about these cars. 

You must subscribe to participate:

It cost nothing to subscribe!
No need to create a username or login.
It does require you to do a one-time easy subscription process by visiting http://www.freelists.org/list/bobsy_talk. provide your email address. and then choose "Subscribe" from the action box.  You'll then be sent an email to which you must respond confirming you wish to subscribe. 

From then on your INBOX will receive all the Bobsy Talk emails.  You can simply read them or, if you wish, reply just as you would with any email.  When replying to the emails, all members of the group will receive your input.  (If you're worried about a lot of incoming email cluttering up your INBOX, don't worry. Bobsy_Talk email traffic is very modest, maybe a dozen emails a month at most.   Sometimes less, depending on the subject.)

A suggestion: You may want to add Bobsy Talk  to your address book using bobsy_talk@freelists.org as the address.  Then if you wish to ask a question to the group, you'll have the address handy.

That's it.  Done.  Easy.  Nothing else to do.   Sit back and await email from Bobsy Talk.

Searchable Archive Of Prior "Bobsy Talk" Email Discussions

Say you want to look at prior Bobsy_Talk emails.   No worries!  You simply use your web browser and visit the Bobsy Talk archive located at http://www.freelists.org/archive/bobsy_talk    On that archive site you can review all past email discussions. And, very importantly, on that archive page you can even perform a Search of all past emails from the "Search box."   For instance, type "wheels" in the search box.  BINGO!  All the old Bobsy_Talk emails with "wheels" in them pop up for you to read. Note: the archive a view only site.  You can't post new emails from there.  Anyone can review the archive, but only those who have subscribed (see above) may send emails to the group. Those emails then become part of the archived postings.

To unsubscribe visit http://www.freelists.org/list/bobsy_talk, provide your email address and then choose "Unsubscribe" from the action box.  You'll get a confirmation via email..