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2015 Titan Reunion III

Thunderhill Raceway


Oct. 30th - Nov. 1st, 2015

Great picture of all the 25 Titans and 10 Winkelmann cars taken by the track photographer, Historic Motor Prints.  Here's the  link where you can view their photographs of the event, including individual pics of cars on track, and order prints as you might desire.

Also, Darren Yardley was kind enough to share some photos he took at the Reunion.  They are posted on the British Sports Cars website (British car specialists for parts, restoration services, and sales).   You can see all his photos here.  Below are a

A couple of "teasers" from that portfolio.

Yardley_OffTrack.jpg (106144 bytes)

John Ballantyne finds the limits of adhesion in his Mk 4

Yardley-Crest-Rear.jpg (115523 bytes)

Paul Richins' Mk 6

Click on any image below to enlarge for better viewing.

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TennysonKwok_Richard-TK-Ken-John-David-Alex-Web.jpg (46423 bytes)

Titan VIPS from left to right Richard Hawkins,  Tenny Kwok, Ken Bailey, John Gianelli, David Bailey, Alex Cross.

Locke_3-Web.jpg (56267 bytes)

Andy giving a welcome speech 

to folks Friday afternoon.

Locke_2-Web.jpg (58867 bytes)

Bob Alder, Howden, and Bob Winkelmann. 

TennysonKwok_Ganley-Winkelman-Web.jpg (67728 bytes)

Bob Alder, chats with Howden Ganley

and Bob Winkelmann.

TennysonKwok_ConcoursJudging-Web.jpg (61161 bytes)

Bob Morrison's Mk 5 being judged.

TennysonKwok_Alex-Todd-Web.jpg (52219 bytes)

Todd Strong and Alex Cross.

Alder_Hawkins_42-Web.jpg (99306 bytes)

Richard Hawkins sitting in Bob

Alder's Mk 6 Titan

GordonEngland_Pike-Mk3_Lucas-Mk3a-Web.jpg (50123 bytes)

Wow.  Two Titan Mk 3 cars, Andy's

and Chris Gruy's

Howden_2-Web.jpg (61464 bytes)

Sunday  afternoon James Antipas

practices his violin. 

RichardHawkins_EdVantassel_Mk6-Web.jpg (65619 bytes)

Apparently Richard Hawkins likes to sit in blue Titans.   Here he is in Edward VanTassel's fantastic Mk 6.

Mk5-David-Todd-web.jpg (83491 bytes)
David Todd's Mk 5

TennysonKwok_Titan Mk6_64-Web.jpg (72066 bytes)

 Paul Richins belong to this

Mk 6

Mk5-Joe-Liebsack-web.jpg (81510 bytes)

Joe Liebsack's Mk 5

Mk6-Chris-Schoap-web.jpg (89449 bytes)

Chris Schoap's Mk 6

EleanorHawkings-PaulRichins.jpg (88567 bytes)

Eleanor Hawkings sitting in Paul Richins' Mk 6

Mk4-John-Ballantyne-web.jpg (90703 bytes)

John Ballantyne fielded his pretty Mk 4

Gruys-Gordon-James-MK3-web.jpg (54468 bytes)

Chris Gruys and Gordon England owner and driver of the former Roy Pike and Mike Campbell Mk3 with James in Andy's Mk 3a.

James-Mk3-web.jpg (149912 bytes)

James in his Dad's Mk 3

David-Ken-James-Andy-web.jpg (90829 bytes)

David & Ken Bailey with Andy & James.  Multi-generational racers.  For a couple of neat  "Historical Generational" pics of these four dudes (Circa 1972 and 2009) , click here to go to the Historic Photo Gallery and scroll down to the "Ken Bailey Collection" of photos. 

historicmotorprints_2-Web.jpg (70332 bytes)

Mk 9 owned by Duke and Faye Waldrop who came all the way from Winter Haven Florida!

TennysonKwok_Alex-John_1-Web.jpg (51277 bytes)

Alex cross chats with John Gianelli.

BobMorrison-Mk5_FrankWilliams-TonyTrimmer.-Web.jpg (59468 bytes)

Bob Morrison's beautiful Mk 5 Titan

historicmotorprints_6-Web.jpg (74772 bytes)

The Sat. drivers' meeting in the 

luxurious Thunderhill facilities.

2015-10-30 20.39.29-Web.jpg (61927 bytes)

Friday evening a group went to the local Mexican restaurant for margaritas and meals.  Starting at left. Colin Ivey,  Jay Ivey, Todd Strong, James Antipas, Andy, Locke, Howden Ganley, Diane Alder, Mike Ries, Eleanor Hawkins, Richard Hawkins.

TennysonKwok_FF Start-Web.jpg (39209 bytes)

Tennyson  Kwok provided this picture

of the parade lap to start racing.

historicmotorprints_3-Web.jpg (59100 bytes)

Maybe the quintessential race photo of the Titan/Winkelmann Challenge weekend --- Forest Teran driving Martin Lauber's Titan MK 6 vs. Jamie Stiehr's Winkelmann.

historicmotorprints_4-Web.jpg (57122 bytes)

A photo from Historic Motor Prints 

of racing which took place.

Strong-Mk9-historic-web.jpg (136482 bytes)

Todd Strong in his always very competitive Mk 9.

Antipas-Historic-web-.jpg (154543 bytes)

Andy Antipas in his works MK 3 leading the pack.

historicmotorprints_5-Web.jpg (63698 bytes)

More FF racing



historicmotorprints_7-Web.jpg (83834 bytes)

Saturday evening banquet and awards dinner hosted by CSRG at the Willows Veterans Memorial Hall.  The professional event photographers, Historic Motor Prints, have a lot of nice pictures taken Saturday evening which can be reviewed here. 



2015-10-31 19.02.09-Web.jpg (40771 bytes)

Andy, Locke and Tom Franges --

Creators of this event.  Remember, 

this event was near Halloween.

2015-10-31 19.03.30-Web.jpg (59045 bytes)

Left to Right: Howden,, ??, Carol

 and Jamie Stiehr, & Mike Ries.

2015-10-31 19.59.19-Web.jpg (61093 bytes)

Andy's table includes James, Todd, Sandee Strong, David Bailey, Ken Bailey, John Gianelli, and Martha Lou Gianelli.

2015-10-31 20.13.08-Web.jpg (47071 bytes)

Even the otherwise distinguished 

Howden Ganley got into the

Halloween mood.  By the way, Howden has published a wonderful biographical book, The Road To Monoco, about his life-long racing pursuits and accomplishments.    A great read about "the good old days" of climbing the ladder to F1.  The book can be purchased here.

historicmotorprints_8-Web.jpg (35250 bytes)

Bob Winkelmann was one of the 


2015-10-31 20.01.47-Web.jpg (55281 bytes)

Andy, Bob Alder, & Todd Strong.

This picture was taken because they

 were the only three who had attended all three Titan Reunions.   Interesting, there is a picture of all three lads (15 years younger!) taken at the 2000 GingerMan Reunion.   Click here to compare and contrast.

2015-10-31 18.59.21-Web.jpg (51175 bytes)

Howden Ganley (still in the spirit

of things) and Richard Hawkins  chat.

2015-10-31 20.23.26-Web.jpg (45562 bytes)

Ethan Shippert receives the Derek Lawrence Award from Ken Bailey for the fastest Titan in the feature race .  Titan Motorsport provided a beautiful crystal bowl.

Richard-Andy-DougTrimble-we.jpg (53147 bytes)

Doug Trimble receives the Roy Thomas Concours Award from Richard Hawkins for the best presented Titan at the Reunion.  Titan Motorsport also provided the beautiful crystal trophy.

DougTrimble-Trophy-web.jpg (114000 bytes)

Doug Trimble showing off his Roy Thomas Concours Award trophy and his award winning Titan Mk 6. 

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