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Welcome to the Titan Formula Car Registry website. The Registry  provides parts, historical, and technical information to owners of formula racing cars designed and built by Charles Lucas Engineering, Ltd. and Titan Cars, Ltd. from 1967 through 1976.

One of our goals is to help owners restore their cars to original specification whenever possible.   We are also the people to talk to when it comes to helping new Titan owners find race and restoration shops familiar with the marque.

Coverage of Titan Reunion III At Thunderhill Now Available

Click on "2015 Reunion III" navigation button above or the group picture below for a photo gallery of the event.



The Titan Reunion III is now history. Held October 30-Nov.1, 2015 at Thunderhill Raceway in California. The combined Winkelmann/Titan Reunion (Challenge) was a huge success with about 30 Titans and 10 Winkelmann cars in attendance.  Dignitaries from the Titan side included Ken & David Bailey, Richard & Eleanor Hawkins, Tenny Kwok, John & Martha Lou Gianelli, Tom Gloy, Greg Lapinski, and Howden Ganley.  On the Winkelmann side, Bob Winkelmann and other Winkelmann dignitaries also attended. 


Ken and David Bailey - Ken was a Titan works driver in 1972 partnered with Derek Lawrence.  David Bailey inherited the racing genes from his father and has been a long time participant in FF1600 and is currently a driver coach working throughout the UK and Europe.
Richard and Eleanor Hawkins - Richard was a UK FF1600 front runner racing a Mk6 in 1972 before moving on to Formula Atlantic.
Tenny Kwok - Was a Cal-Club FF1600 front runner who started in a Mk6 before moving on to a Crossle and finally was one of Dan Gurney's works FF drivers.
Alex Cross - Raced a Mk6 bought from Tenny Kwok, and then went on to be one of the founders and president of Swift Racing Cars.
John and Martha Lou Gianelli - Was a Cal-Club FF1600 front runner who raced a Mk6 and Mk9.  John later worked for Condor Racing and was the first employ at Swift Race Cars.
Tom Gloy - Raced Winkelmanns and Titans before moving on to other classes of motorsport including Trans-Am.
Greg Lapinski - Became involved in FF from the very beginning, working for Winkelmann Racing and Pierre Phillips before starting his own racing business.
Howden Ganley - Worked for Bruce McLaren, raced one liter F3 with the likes of Emerson Fittipaldi, Ronnie Peterson, and many others.  Went on to race for BRM and Frank Williams in Formula 1, and then started TIGA Racing Cars with Tim Schenken.  Howden has published a wonderful biographical book, The Road To Monoco, about his life-long racing pursuits and accomplishments. A great read about "the good old days" of climbing the ladder to F1.  The book can be purchased here.


Thanks to CSRG and Locke de Brettville, (CSRG President and the Winkelmann/Palliser registry guru) for hosting the event.

Inter-Generational Racers

KenBailey-DavidBailey-1972-Aintree.JPG (94195 bytes)

AndyAntipas-JamesAntipas-circa2010.jpeg (142126 bytes)

This 1972 photo is from the Bailey family archive. David Bailey, at age 5, is in the cockpit of the car with Ken.   Ken, had just won the race at Aintree. David even got to do a victory lap sitting on Ken's lap.. As David now recalls, "You can imagine the impact that made on an excited 5 year old!"  Very cool.

Not to be outdone, here's Andy and son James, circa 2009.  No, Andy had not just won a race that day. 



A new page, "Featured Articles" is worth checking out.  It's a collection of published stories, old and new) featuring racers of Titan cars.  If you know of any worth adding, let me know.

And, belatedly (OK, 15 years), a section documenting the very fantastic first Titan Reunion at GingerMan Raceway in July 2000 is now documented for posterity on this website.  It's very much worth reviewing for old times sake. 

If you have any questions or add your car to the Registry list, please use the form on the Contact Us page or give me a call at at 970-948-3446.

Titan T-Shirts Available!

Back by popular demand!  We now have a good supply of Titan T-Shirts.  Contact Andy (see Contact Us page) if you would like to order one.


Fashion mavens at a recent SOVREN Pacific Raceway event in Washington.  From left to right are Chris Shoap (Mk6), Tom Balzarini (Mk6), John Ballantyne (Mk4), Gary Willis (Mk6), and Bob Morrison (Mk5).  

Titan Rules!




Picture(s) Of The Month


royluke2.jpg (237378 bytes)
Roy Pike (Pikums) and Luke circa 1968 when they teamed up to race the Mk3s
PikumsMk3b.jpg (143302 bytes)

Titan Mk3 piloted by Roy Pike (ca 1968)

MK3luke.jpg (119709 bytes)

Titan Mk3 piloted by Chas. "Luke" Lucas (ca 1968)

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On a personal note, the website wouldn't be complete without periodic updated pictures of Andy's first born,  James Andrew Antipas

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