Titan Formula Cars

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Listed are some interesting websites that may be of interest.  If you have suggestions for additions, please contact us.

Andy Antipas at aantipas@sopris.net


The Webmaster  


Bob Alder, a long-time Titan vintage racer (MK6B) and our webmaster for this Registry site, has a personal website, www.TeamTerrificRacing.com which you may enjoy. 


Legal & Proud (engines) has become the rallying cry for vintage racers.  There is a website dedicated to this proposition   Their  Legal & Proud Website not only describes the philosophy  - -"Racers who volunteer to participate in the program understand that Formula Ford racing is at its best when the cars are on as 'level a playing field' as possible."-- but also gives extensive technical information on how to prepare and inspect engines for legality. A must reading for all serious vintage FF racers. 


The Lotus FF lads also have a registry and a website. Check out www.lffr.org when you have the chance.


Most visitors to this site are primarily interested in the vintage Titan race cars.  But aficionados of the marque should realize that the successor company to Titan Engineering is still in very much in business.  While they no longer make our beloved race cars, Titan Motorsports is a very active and successful supplier to the specialty automotive market.  www.titan-motorsport.com when you have the chance.


Another nice photo site, including some nice vintage stuff. www.atspeedimages.com


Stefan Mordal of Sweden has a nice site with a lot of historical race results,  mainly Formula 2 and Le Mans, with Formula 3 and Formula Junior results "under production."  Check it out www.formula2.net


Visit Vaughn Rockney's wonderful Vintage Garage site. Vaughn, a hard core vintage racer, was so very helpful and instrumental in the evolution of the Titan Registry.


There are two websites that might be of interest to F3 owners.  Both  www.F3Historic.com and  www.f3history.co.uk/  might be of interest to Titan MK3 owners.  As you know, the history of Titan cars really starts with Chas. Lucas racing in F3, later to build his own Titan F3 cars.  Quoting from the website's home page,  "These cars are the very first generation of Formulas 3, a well-known promotion series which continue to be the best way for every young driver to reach F1.  All the greatest pilots [ed: to which we might add Chas. Lucas to the list] of the 70' such as R. Peterson, F. Cevert, J. Hunt, J-P. Beltoise, C. Reggazzoni, E. Fittipaldi, N. Lauda, H.Pescarolo, C.Pace, T.Schenken, P.Gethin, D.Bell, J-P.Jaussaud ... started their racing career in F3 1 litre.


If you have an interest in Formula 3 cars of the 1964 to 1970 period then this is the web site for you. www.1000ccf3historicracingassociation.org.uk/


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