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From Dennis MacShane

MacShane_Mk6B-1977-RoadAmerica-.png (314292 bytes)As told by Dennis MacShane, “This is a picture of my father Bill MacShane’s Titan Mk6B  taken at Road America, Elkhart Lake Wisconsin at a Pro FF race. I’m guessing in September of 1977. The article was from an old Chicago Region SCCA magazine called Piston Patter in October of 1977.  This car was one he purchased used after he got away from production racing, and if history serves me correctly, the reason he went with a Titan was because of its success at the ARRC runoffs in previous years. My father really enjoyed racing this car!  Sadly, he passed away earlier this year. 4/16/34- 02/05/19.”

From Richard Hawkins

Richard raced a Mk6 in 1972 and 1973 in England. Per Richard about the photos below, "One is from 1972 FF Festival on a slippery Snetterton track, November 1972, and others from win at Aintree 1973. There are a few others. Am afraid I don't know the chassis no. of my car, but I bought the car new from Tom, I think around May1972 as a Mk 6b, and upgraded it to Mk6c with the duckbill nose, after going off at Snett at the start of the 1972 FF Final, damaging bodywork and not doing the radiator much good. I sold it to a gent named Tim Wallwork? at end of 1973 season. It gave me 6 wins and 9 pole positions."  Cool!

RHcollectingchequeAitreewi_web.jpg (138080 bytes)

RHTitanAintreeWin1973001-1_web.jpg (156831 bytes)

RHTitanSnettertonFFFestivalnov72001_web.jpg (130985 bytes)

Richard_Hawkins1_web.jpg (87014 bytes) Richard_Hawkins2_web.jpg (102438 bytes)


Below is a 16 minute video supplied by Richard Hawkins "in the day" of his adventures in the 70's racing FFs.  It's worth watching because it shows what it was really like back "in the day" - open trailers, pits in the dirt, etc. etc.   And, it's an amazingly well shot and produced video. 

 Per Richard:  "It was shot by Anthony Duckworth, owner of Link Fasteners, an engineering supplies and nut and bolt merchant in Salford, Manchester, a good friend and sponsor of the car. The quality is a bit average, but it shows loading up the car onto my little old VW transporter (ex F3 driver Richard Scott who used it on the continent), the night before at my old family home, then early next morning, with girlfriend (now the wife!) Christine off to the STP FF round, at the meeting at Oulton Park, August 1973, refuelling  transporter and Titan on the way.  We take the car thro scrutineering, then practice. A group of us, Derek , Mike Taylor, and self are talking about practice times. Derek won, with my Titan trailing into 2nd place. Derek is on the front row (middle) in the orange works Dulon, second fastest. I am on second row, 4th fastest, with Don MacLeods light blue Van Diemen alongside. Am afraid I cant make out poleman, or other front row gent. After practice I am seen welding up a crack to no.1 header (usual place!), which slowed my practice time, by about 4 secs!. Derek's dad is seen talking to Christine in the pits.  Ian Taylor (then a Dulon shareholder) is in the pits, he may well have been driving in the F3 race at the same meeting. Everyone including an old school friend Keithy and  his girlfriend Foxy are helping out. My Canadian friend George Murray isalso there, he now runs a Lotus 23/BDA and flys a bit in Canada.  We seemed to have plenty of hair in those days, not to mention fashion sense!" 

[This from Richard 12-13-2016]

Anthony Duckworth R.I.P.  (28 August 1936- 21 November 2016)

"I am sorry to report the sad passing of a dear friend this morning.  I had known Anthony since  1964, a true English gentleman, a good family friend and motor racing aficionado,  and of course the  owner of LINK FASTENERS Ltd.,  sponsors of my Titan Formula Ford efforts, 1972-73, and earlier racing my  modsports  TriumphTR4a.

"Anthony also made the following cameo video  of our racing the Titan in his Link Fasteners livery at Oulton Park in August 1973.  

"I am grateful to him for enabling me to progress up the motor racing ladder, past Formula Ford, to Formula 3.

Respectfully, Richard Hawkins"


From Derek Lawrence

Several years ago Derek Lawrence shared some neat photos from his days as a "Works Driver."

Derek_Mk9,_tom-OzTimms-at-C.jpg (102724 bytes) Derek_Mk9-Row1_CroftCircui.jpg (76038 bytes) Tom-Di-Derek_MK9-OultonPark.jpg (151105 bytes)
The Mk9 with "Tom" and Oz Timms at Crofts circuit.


Derek in the Mk9 at Crofts Circuit on the front row.


"Tom", Di, and Derek with the MK9 at  OultonPark

From John Gianelli

A former Cal Club FF front runner,  John Gianelli provided these period photos racing a MK-6 and MK-9  in the day.

Gianelli_Car-1_web.jpg (69949 bytes)

Gianelli_JAGHRD-Titan_web.jpg (49426 bytes)

Gianelli_Car-2_web.jpg (41268 bytes)

From Mike Schindelbeck

Mike has raced his MK 6 since 1975.  The nose on Mike's car was made by Jim Kasperzak to improve the aerodynamics.

MikeSAB-web.jpg (44801 bytes)

MikesHead2-web.jpg (46791 bytes)

John Wagner's Converted MK 6
The "Roadhog" was akit sold by Greg Lapinski which converted a MK6 into a modern (for the early 1980s) aerodynamic car.  the "Voyager" was the Roadhog with an updated body kit. 

Roadhog2-web.jpg (53436 bytes)

The "Roadhog"

Voyager2-web.jpg (44365 bytes)

The "Voyager"

From The Dave Hutson Collection

Dave Hutson, mechanic for Gordon Smiley, was kind enough to provide the following three pictures of Gordon Smiley at the 1975 SCCA Runnoffs (then called the ARRC (American Road Race of Champions).  Per Dave, "Smiley was in with a good chance to win the Runoffs in Atlanta with this car in 1975 before some backmarker crashed him out. It was tiny, fast & nimble and driven by an extraordinary talent. That thing under the nose [third front-on picture] was thought up and engineered by Joe Kidd, Gordon's longtime childhood buddy and chief mechanic, pictured sitting on the left rear here. I think I remember it was due to some underbody lift but probably more envy for the new ADF, which won these runoffs with Bob Earl."

titan_mk9ffsm-web.jpg (35287 bytes)

titanmk9ff-75-2arrcsm-web.jpg (45429 bytes)

titan_mk9-1975arrcsm-web.jpg (51670 bytes)

Smiley)HarrellUSFF-start.jpg (106851 bytes) Harrell-USA_ffChamp73.jpg (157032 bytes)
The start of a United States FF race in 1971 Jim Harrell, US FF Champ in 1973 driving a Titan Mk6
Jim Harrell and Gordon Smiley were great competitors in the day. Read about it in this nice '1973 article with them talking about those times.  



From the Derek Lawrence Collection

derekken2-copy.jpg (20241 bytes)

ken-copy.jpg (21845 bytes)

Derek Lawrence and Ken Bailey, Team Titan, C. 1972.

Ken's MK6 with Derek's bus in the 

background, Team Titan, C. 1972.

The prototype MK6C at Thruxton, C. 1972. Roy molded winglets onto a stock nose and repainted the body work. The production versions of the nose were modified to avoid being so blatant aero added ons.

In Memory 

Derek Lawrence, 1945 - 2015

SirDerek-web.jpg (176252 bytes) DerekMk6-web.jpg (92055 bytes) Derek.jpg (174335 bytes)

Derek, in the day, at work.

Derek, In 2000 at the GingerMan Reunion

Derek Lawrence died March 19, 2015 after a long fight with cancer.   Derek was a works driver for Titan back in the mid-70s and was the driver who came to the states to drive a Mk-9 which had been, unfairly, derided as a bad car.  However, he basically kicked butt in the car, pronouncing it to be just fine thus dispelling its unpopular image.    He attended the first Titan Reunion at GingerMan Raceway back in 2000.  


Roy Thomas Photos

Roypic-of-Derek-Mk9midohio-web.jpg (51701 bytes)

RoyPic-of-MK9bridge-web.jpg (48243 bytes)

Derek Lawrence in the MK 9, apparently Nelson Ledges back in 1974. The  January 1975 issue of Car and Driver Magazine covered a hosted a race weekend at Limerock Park for a few years called the "Car and Driver Challenge". In 1974 it was the third year. Derek won the FF race as discussed in this article. A photo from Bridgehampton, Long Island,NY. Derek did three races with the prototype Mk9 for Fred Opert.  At Lime Rock (he won by a big Margin), Bridgehampton (he won and set a new track record), and Nelson Ledges finished second after spinning where he fell back to 5, but had fast lap.


From the Tony Trimmer Collection

cletransporter-web.jpg (38388 bytes)

trimmer-tttitan-web.jpg (36197 bytes)

This photo (complements of Tony Trimmer) was taken at Rheims, June 24, 1967.  The 27 car was Luke's and he was on the pole for the final. DNF'd when his engine overheated.  Harry Stiller was car 28 and he finished 9th. The cars are Brabham BT-21's.  The chap with his foot on the tire is Roger Hill, who was Luke's mechanic in 1967 until Ken Tyrell "nicked" him and Roger became Jackie Stewart's mechanic! This is another Tony Trimmer photo.  It is Tony driving a Frank Williams Mk4 or 5 Titan.


The Marty Loft Collection

marty-loft05-web.jpg (53458 bytes)

marty-loft-01-web.jpg (52049 bytes)

This picture is Marty Loft with Ted Slatten, longtime engine builder and owner of sponsor, Import Auto Electric, Tacoma Washington-1972. Qualifying during the Rose Cup Nationals - Portland International Raceway, Portland Oregon - 1972.

marty-loft03-web.jpg (52685 bytes)

martyloft04-web.jpg (49014 bytes)

Titan Mk-6 racing team sponsored by Olympia Beer and Kendall Oil. Drivers: Marty Loft and Portland restaurateur, George Sabin - 1973. Marty's Mk-6 with a unique "popsicle" paint job by Tacoma's Mark Seman - 1971.


From The Ken Bailey Collection

kenmk6a-copy.jpg (14867 bytes)

teambailey-copy.jpg (18669 bytes)

Ken Bailey in the Titan Mk6a. C. 1971.

Ken sits in the former Derek Lawrence Mk6. Ken bought the car from Derek. Ken Bailey senior is to Ken Jr's left, and Charlie Davis is on Ken's right. Charlie prepared the car. C. 1970.

KenBailey-DavidBailey-1972-Aintree.JPG (94195 bytes)

AndyAntipas-JamesAntipas-circa2010.jpeg (142126 bytes)

This 1972 photo is from the Bailey family archive. David Bailey, at age 5, is in the cockpit of the car with Ken.   Ken, had just won the race at Aintree. David even got to do a victory lap sitting on Ken's lap.. As David now recalls, "You can imagine the impact that made on an excited 5 year old!"  Very cool.

Not to be outdone, here's Andy and son James, circa 2009.  No, Andy had not just won a race that day..  


From the Who-Knows-Where Archives:

titansatvirb-copy.jpg (16968 bytes)

Titan MK6Cs at VIR circa 1974. Photo by Stan Vann.   Car #71 was driven by John Schnieder and the other by Buzz Marcus, teammates in Fred Opert cars.   The motor home belonged to Buzz.

Four Photos From Charles Lucas Collection:

Luke-AntipasMk-3-web.jpg (43048 bytes)

Luke-Mk6-Daytona-web.jpg (41656 bytes)

Luke-FredOpert-web.jpg (41442 bytes)

Luke-Pike-Mk3-Silverstone-67-web.jpg (44471 bytes)

Charles Lucas in the  Mk3a now owned by Andy Antipas. Charles Lucas sitting in a MK 6 at Daytona Fred Opert at Daytona in 1970 Roy Pike in the Mk3 titan F3 prototype at Silverstone July 1967. I think Harry Stiller is chasing him in a Brabham (BT-21) painted in Luke's red/white/blue livery.

Two Photos From Tony Dron's Collection:

TonyDron-May_1968-web.jpg (35764 bytes)

Tony Dron sent these.   Tony worked for Nick Brittain back in 1968 when FF International was created to promote FF. Tony bought a Mk4 titan that is shown in these two pictures.  Tony is a motorsport journalist and historic racer and writes for Vintage Motorsport and Sportscar Classics. 


TonyDron-BD_Brands_68_1-web.jpg (36874 bytes)

Per Tony: "There was no badge when I got the car. That came some time in 1968 and I think the indent came in during that year too - but I can't be sure after all this time. Here's a scan of another pic, from Boxing Day Brands (26th December, 1968), with me leading the works Mk 4 of Tony Trimmer and James Hunt's Merlyn. Both Titans here have badges on the nose but I'm sure there was no indent on mine at that time, and this was my second of three noses."

Two Photos From Glen McDonald's Collection:

Lyoning_Weichman_Loft.jpg (55843 bytes)

Taylor_ex-loft.jpg (53100 bytes)

Arnie Loyning is leading in a Pierre Philllips Lola, Weichman is second in the ADF and John Taylor is third in the ex-Loft Titan  Picture taken John Taylor in the Titan which he purchased from Marty Loft.  again at Seattle International Raceway in 1975.

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