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Andy.jpg (64663 bytes)Where to begin?  

The Titan Reunion was a success! I was a nervous wreck leading up to the big event. However, the weekend exceeded all expectations. I have a lot of people to thank, and I appreciate your patience as I go through them all.

Thank you to John Welch, Burt Levy, VSCDA, and GingerMan Raceway for hosting the Reunion . Without Johnís support the reunion would not have happened. I also have to thank John for kicking my sorry arse all over the race track during the Club Ford feature race on Sunday!

Burt Levy invested a lot of energy behind the scenes, and I owe him a cold one as well. Burt has written an article about the Reunion for Vintage Motorsport magazine which should appear in the December issue I think?  [CLICK HERE to download and read that article]

Many thanks to Keith and Barb Laney for all their help and logistical support leading up to and during the weekend itself. Over the years, Keith has owned over 20 formula fords including a Mk6 and Mk9 Titan. He is a wealth of knowledge and information.

Many thanks to Titan registry participant and Formula Ford hot shoe, Frank Hammette and his company Business Innovations for designing the beautiful Reunion T-shirt.

I want to thank Todd Strong for driving my Mk9 to victory during the "Clash of the Titans" feature race. Now I know how Frank Williams feels! One of the special things about the Registry are the great people that I have become friends with and Todd and Anne Strong are two of them.

Bob Alder and I traveled together to GingerMan and back to Colorado . It was Bobís idea and I am forever grateful! My mind was racing (no pun intended) with what needed to be done during the reunion weekend. Seeing to all the travel plans would have just been overwhelming. Bob and I had a great time singing songs and counting different State license plates along the way to GingerMan (JUST KIDDING!). On the way home, Bob introduced Roy Thomas and Derek Lawrence to chicken fried steak which they are forever grateful!  

A very big thank you to Bruce and Cindy Lindstrand (Lindstrand Motorsports) for letting Todd and me borrow a fantastic set of Hoosier rain tires. When we woke up to rain on Saturday morning I was sweating bullets because I did not have a set of rains. Racing on slicks was not very appealing. I wandered over to Bruce and Cindyís transporter and asked if they had a set of tires we could use. Without blinking they offered me the Hoosiers. I also need to thank Cindy for serving a wonderful hot lunch to the Titan VIPs during Saturdays cold and damp Typhoon!  

Thanks to Vaughn Rockney (and Einstein) for his never ending support of the Registry. Not only did Vaughn aid in planning the reunion, he kept the VIPs  well hydrated and fed throughout the weekend with his bottomless cooler of drinks and card table of snacks!  

Finally, I have to thank Roy Thomas, Fred Opert, Derek Lawrence, Pierre Phillips, and last but certainly not least, Charles "Luke" Lucas for attending the Reunion . Also, many thanks to Di Thomas and Oz Timms for providing the winning vintage formula ford trophy for the Clash. It is an honor and privilege to have these folks involved in Registry. They are my motorsports heroes!  

For those of you who attended the event, I hope the Reunion was the highlight of your season. For the rest of you who did not make it, you missed a unique opportunity and please visit the other pages devoted to this great event.   Enjoy.

Cheers, Andy Antipas

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