NZ-Original Announcement

REALLY BIG NEWS for Team Terrific is that we're going to New Zealand to race! Can you believe it?

We've been afraid to talk about it because it just seemed like such a fairy tale trip that we were afraid that it might not come off. But at every juncture, things keep falling in place such that now we're pretty sure that we can make it happen. WOW! 

Obviously this will be a once in a lifetime experience for Diane and me. It will be somewhat expensive, but . . . it's only race money, right? Besides, with both of us retired after June (Yes, Diane is throwing in her smock at the end of June) what else are we going to do with our time?

 Here's the rough outline at this point:

 In mid-October, after our last regular race, we will be putting both our race cars in a shipping container - you know, one of those big ocean going box things. A Denver friend of ours, Larry Detrich, is going to ship a street car of his to NZ so we'll probably just get a bigger container and put all our cars in the one container. Larry and his wife Kay, live in Christchurch, NZ for the winter (They are the friends we've visited In NZ on our previous trips). So, they will be there to receive the cars when the container arrives by ship and take care of them until February 2004. Larry and Kay are racer trash like us (the term is used most affectionately!) with Larry now doing a lot of racing in NZ. So, he knows the people and contacts to help make all this happen. He'll be a great advance man for Team Terrific. We might even have to give him a staff position. Let's see, how about Team Terrific Vice-President In Charge of Southern Hemisphere Logistics (and wine selection)? That otta' do it!

Then in late January of next year Diane and I will go over (oops, down) to race in the Southern Festival of Speed. This is a series of four or five vintage race events all packed into the month of February, each at different tracks on the South Island.

We'll return home after the four weeks of racing, Larry will be able to box up the cars and his vehicle, send them on their way back to the States, and the cars should be back at Team Terrific headquarters in time for the 2004 season here.

Interestingly, and even more fun, is the fact that we've talked up the trip to some of our fellow Denver vintage racers and they are also going to make the trip! It now looks like we might have a contingent of 6 or 7 cars/drivers from Denver. There is similar sized contingent of vintage racers making the trip from Seattle. One of those racers, Dick Buckingham has made the pilgrimage several times, thus encouraging us and showing us the ropes.

A lot has to happen between now and next February, but at this point the pieces are falling together with amazing speed and a minimum of hurdles. Very, very neat.

So, that's the big news. Please take a few moments to look at the other pages on this site.   Yours truly finally broke down and bought a digital still camera so you can expect all sorts of new postings to the picture pages as I play with it.

We'll keep you posted on the progress of this great adventure. As they say, "News at 11:00".

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