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Bob and Diane Alder's

Team Terrific Racing

Below is a very professional 4 minute video produced by Steve Urbano  to promote RMVR. 

(See some of his other work here.)


I like it because, well, you'll see.





BobDi_2.jpg (128710 bytes)Welcome to TeamTerrificRacing.com!!! This website chronicles the life and times of Bob and Diane Alder, probably with way more information than you ever wanted to know.  But it's a great way to share with others what's going on in our lives and to document events so that we'll be able to recall them when we're old and feeble.  


This website plus our SmugMug and YouTube efforts pretty much exhausts our "social media" skills.  Since we don't do Facebook or Twitter, this website is our only real opportunity for self-aggrandizement.  Thus, if we have something to bring to your attention, we'll just have to send you an email, probably with a link to something here.  Whoever thought that an email would be "old school."    Oh, well.


The website mainly revolves around our mutual passion, racing our vintage race cars.   There is,  however, a "Friends & Family" section where we also share our recent doin's with our family.  We must admit, however, that the bulk of this site is intended for "racer trash" like us.  And remember, you can click on most all the images to see the picture full size.


As noted, to supplement this website, there are two other "Social Media" sites::

Our SmugMug website, http://alder.smugmug.com/  for extensive, if not exhaustive, photos organized into various "galleries."   It's a great way to show you LOTS of pictures.  Each of the various galleries is probably linked from elsewhere on this site, but going directly to the SmugMug site will allow you to chose from any of the galleries. (SmugMug Hints)  


Then there is our brand new YouTube website, http://www.youtube.com/user/TeamTerrificRacing for videos.  We're now starting to use a video camera on the race cars and YouTube makes it easy to share them.  


Feb. 2017


A bunch of RMVR Formula Ford racers decided to get an early start on the 2017 season by attending a VARA race in Nevada. It was held at a private Country Club Racing facility, Spring Mountain Motor Racing & Country Club.  It's located about 45 minutes west of Las Vegas and is, in fact, a county club facility.  Good news.  No damn golf course.  Just an amazing track and facility.  Eleven FF racers from RMVR attended.    


The Good News:   It was a great facility and trace track.  The Bad News:  The weather was bad, with rain Friday morning and much of Saturday.  But the track was dry on Sunday so eventually we got in some good laps.  The track has multiple configurations. We ran one of the longer configurations, the Mansell course --  3.4 miles with 18 corners.  Learning it with limited track time and usually wet conditions was, to say the least, a challenge! 


But we had a good time.  


Parumph_RJA.jpg (166961 bytes) FF_Guys_At_Parumph.jpg (146621 bytes)

Parumph_Group.jpg (276342 bytes)

Top left, Bob leading (or holding up, hard to tell) a pack of FFs.  Top right, five of the RMVR "dudes" -- Pete Christensen, Steve Barkley, me, Matt Ammer, and Bob Hancock.    Mike Ries was missing at that time.  Other RMVR FF racers who made the trip were Ron Hornig, Pete Sabeth, Bill Demetre.  Plus Charlie Daniels & David Lawrence (both from Albuquerque, the southern contingent of RMVR FF racers).  Unfortunately John Mihalich, Jim Stienmetz, and John  Lewinger were all supposed to be there, but had to cancel.  


Dec. 2015



Apparently we didn't do much in 2013-15.   That's not entirely true.  In addition to our normal racing, in July we were very involved with RMVR's Annual Race Against Kids' Cancer.  Visit the Recent Events page for details on this amazing event.


And, in October we raced on the west coast (Thunderhill) attending a Titan/Winkelmann race reunion.  Several Denver FF drivers attended including Jamie & Carol Stiehr, Mike Ries, Diane & I.  Here's a link to full coverage of that event. 


After attending that race, on the way home we stopped in Gateway, CO to see the amazing Gateway Resort and Car Museum. World class facility, world class cars, and a don't miss stop for any car enthusiast. Pictures of that side-trip are here on our SmugMug site. 




Sept. 2012 Bike Riding Vacation

The Loire River Valley in France


RideBabyRide-Web.jpg (83766 bytes)Our latest great adventure was our recent bike-riding trip in France.  Here's a teaser photo.

For comprehensive coverage of this wonder event, visit the SmugMug pictorial of our trip or just click on the image at left.  Be sure to read the captions for each photo to get the full story.





DSCF2061_email.jpg (59848 bytes)

1978 Lola T-620 Formula Super Vee

Restoration Project

Winter/Spring of 2012

See Potpourri page (Scroll down)


Team Terrific's Race Cars

Our "everyday" race cars are the Miller Sports Racer (Diane's car) and my venerable Titan Formula Ford. The "new" race cars in the stable is the Alexis FB car (finished in 2006) and the Bobsy (First raced in 2010).  Click on each image for a brief description. A very complete history of the Alexis Project is covered in its own section,  The Alexis FB Project.  As well, the Bobsy has it's own SmugMug gallery covering its refurbishment.

(Click on each picture for more detailed info on each car)

di-levels-web.jpg (21263 bytes)

bob-wet-teretonga-web.jpg (18815 bytes)

nearfin-13-web.jpg (46236 bytes)

Bobsy_Rupert_May-2010-web.jpg (59818 bytes)

1962 Miller Sports Racer 1972 Titan MkK 6B Formula Ford 1968 Russell-Alexis Formula-B 1965 Bobsy SR-3 Sports Racer

With the Bobsy now part of the Team Terrific stable, I decided to become involved with rejuvenating the Bobsy Registry.  So, please visit www.BobsyRegistry.com if you have an interest in the details and history of these great cars.

Team Terrific's Street Fleet

The 2002 Mini Copper S and the beloved 544 Volvo.

mini35-web.jpg (53491 bytes) volvo-web.jpg (51003 bytes)
(Click on each of the above images for a complete story one each.)
2002 Mini Cooper S 1962 544 Volvo
More Volvo Pictures are on our SmugMug site.
There's a fantastic website for gear heads, www.petrolicious.com.  In 2013 they did a really nice little write up on the Volvo.  Check out their website site as well as the feature on the ye ol' Volvo.

After reading this page,  please scroll to the top of page to navigate other pages in this site.      Most images on the site can be viewed in its full-screen glory by clicking on the image.

If you are visiting this site seeking information or an order form for the Steamboat Commemorative Poster Album, please click on the album picture below.


You may also wish to visit other websites of mine, The Bobsy Registry (www.BobsyRegistry.com),  the Titan Registry at www.TitanCars.com

Also of interest, is the official Alexis Registry website,  www.AlexisRegistry.com  authored by Scott Sanders.

Of keen interest is the new front range amateur road racing facility here in the Denver area, High Plains Raceway.   You can track (no pun intended) progress of this exciting and very necessary project at www.HighPlainsRaceway.com  


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