Well, things are heating up for the big NZ trip!

We're now in the process of getting our two race cars ready for the container which we hope to have loaded and on it's way by the end of October. The first 40' container will include our two cars (double-decked), Larry Detrich's newly acquired F-5000 which he taking down to NZ, and Phil Shires' Elva.

Then next month the other three Denver cars, two Terry Hefty cars and Paul Morgan's March 722 will be put in another container and sent on their way. . Terry Hefty is taking two cars and a California friend of his, Dean Meiling, will drive one of them. As of this moment the following is the list of who is going from Denver.

     Diane Alder, 1965 Miller Sports Racer, 1600cc Ford Crossflow

     Bob Alder, 1972 Titan Mk6B Formula Ford, 1600cc Ford Crossflow

     Phil Shires, 1962 Elva Mk 6, 1600cc Ford Crossflow

     Terry Hefty, 1966 Lotus Elan, 1600cc Twin Cam

     Dean Meiling, 1966 Lotus Super, 7 1500cc push rod (Terry's second car)

     Paul Morgan, 1972 March 722 F2, 2 litre Cosworth

With the exception of a gear change (To be ready for the first track, one less thing to do there.), Diane's car is ready to go. As can be seen in the photos below, my Formula Ford is awaiting a new engine. Bill Bradford should have it ready to install this weekend (October 10th). Then, the FF is ready to go and the old motor (which was fine) will be taken to NZ as a spare. It can be used in either Diane's or my car, so that will offer a LOT of peace of mind to have it.

Larry and I hope to have the first container ready to load in about 10 days. He and Kay are leaving for their Southern-Hemisphere Christchurch home on November 1st, so he will be there way before the first shipment of cars arrive.

More updates to follow. Stay tuned.

(Don't forget, you can click on any of the pictures to see them full-size in a new window.)

ttshop2-ff.jpg (53054 bytes)

Here's the Titan with fresh tires waiting to be mounted and an empty engine bay ready for a new motor.  Its existing motor will be taken as a spare as it was OK, although several years old.  It's amazing how little there is to these cars once the fiberglass body work, tires, and engine are removed -- just a bunch of tubes.

ttshop4-doubledeck.jpg (39097 bytes)

This show the portable ramp system that will allow us to double deck our two race cars in the container.  It's free-standing deal that can be fitted inside our big enclosed trailer (So three cars can be hauled, two down and one up on the ramp.), or it will free-stand in the shop (as shown here) to save floor space, or it will be used inside the NZ container to also save floor space (read $).

helmets1-web.jpg (34798 bytes)helmets2-web.jpg (35562 bytes)

And now for a nice kicker!!! We decided to have our helmets painted for the NZ trip.  We found a guy who did a GREAT job, and for a reasonable price with super service (only two weeks).  We went to his shop, looked at pics of his other paint jobs, gave him a idea of what we wanted, selected elements we liked or didn't like, and then turned him loose.  We weren't sure how it would turn out, but THEY ARE WONDERFUL.  He really captured what we'd hoped for--a USA presence for both helmets but each different in other respects.  Very cool!  My god, we're easily amused, aren't we?

ttshop9-sr.jpg (58338 bytes)

Even thought it doesn't look it, Diane's car is almost ready to go.  All that remains is a gear change.  Here the rear body work is off to facilitate the gear change.  Before the cars are loaded, we'll install the correct gear ratios for the first NZ race (Christchurch) so that there will be one less thing to do when we get there.  Gear changes for both cars takes about a couple of hours.
Here Bill Bradford is putting the final tune using his dyno (which is in our shop) on a new motor for the Formula Ford.  It is a beautiful thing, all bright and shinny (and powerful).   Bill did a great job.   It is already in the car and I was able to take it out to Second Creek raceway for a few laps just to be sure all is well.  As noted elsewhere, the engine taken out of the FF was fine, just a bit old, and it will be taken to NZ as a spare--just in case.