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Getting The Second Container Loaded
 Several weeks after sending the first container, the second was loaded and shipped November 25th.  Thank goodness Phil Shires took over the task of arranging for and bird-dogging the shipping company with lots of requisite details, paper work, etc.   He'd had some prior experience with ocean shipping, so he knew the ropes and really did a bang up job.   Thanks Phil!
The first container took a slow boat (to save a few $) but this one will go "express" meaning they'll both probably arrive in Christchurch in late December, within days of each other.  Larry Detrich tells us that things will "kinda' shut down" there during the Holidays, so he may not be able to get them out of customs and unloaded until early January, but in plenty of time for the first race on the 31st of January.
So, phase one is now complete and now it's just a matter of anxiously awaiting our late January trip.  In the meantime, many thanks to Larry who will have his hands full receiving all our "stuff" and finding a home for six race cars and all the attendant junk until we get there.  Good on ya', Larry.
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Getting the second container proved a bit of a hassle.  We got a snow storm (And COLD!) just after the container was delivered.  However, we did get it loaded several days later, and sent it on it's way with Terry's and Paul's cars safely tucked away. 

container27-tom.jpg (41416 bytes)
Tom Ellis takes care of Terry Hefty's race cars.  Here Tom gives a final inspection to Terry's Lotus Elan (forward) and the Super 7 (near the camera) which were placed in the front of the container. 

container211-terry-paul.jpg (51992 bytes)

On the left, our ol' buddy, Terry Allard, came out to help with the loading of the cars.   He gave brief thought to the idea of about being a container stowaway, but only briefly.  He figured if we take spare engines we might as well also take a spare driver, huh?

container26-paul.jpg (39968 bytes)

But, as you can see, the skies cleared and the weather warmed up nicely for loading of the container.  Here you see Paul Morgan fearlessly riding Jeff Chase's tilt-bed.  (Actually, the truck was stationary at this point.)  My apologies to Jeff Chase -- This is as close as I came to capturing his always-smiling face. He's just our of the frame on the left.  Jeff helped us greatly with tilt-bed truck.  Note the funny looking transport wheels (motorcycle tires) which are just used when storing or transporting the car.  The car's race wheels are BIG fat suckers!! 

container214-hildreth.jpg (47972 bytes)

Here Jeff backs up his tilt-bed to the container with another load of racer "stuff".  Bob Hildreth (standing at the left) takes care of Paul Morgan's racecars and will be accompanying all of us on the trip so that Paul can keep that  big, gnarly, but very sophisticated, March running to the max.  It will be great having Bob around.  Cool guy and he really knows his stuff.

container212-closingup.jpg (37038 bytes)

Terry and Bob do a final inspection as we get ready to close the doors.  Just in time. It was getting real dark and cold.


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