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From Andy's Trips to the UK

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Today's Titan Works in St. Neots.  Andy with James and Peter Denty at Peter Denty Racing. April, 2000. Simon Hadfield and Andy in Simon's office. April, 2000.

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Group shot from left to right: Chris and Rod Law (brothers and owners of the Mk10 Formula Renault), David Bailey (son), Ken Bailey, Derek Lawrence, Tony Dron, and Andy Antipas Andy's Father, Derek, Di, and Luke at the Donington Park HSCC race (Historic Sports Car Club). April, 2000. Thomas, Andy Antipas and Charles Lucas outside the Donnington Collection, after looking over the single seaters in the museum.
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Thomas and Oz Timms at the Titan Works (Oz started working for Charles and Roy back in 1968 and is currently a director of the company). Andy Antipas had a chance to meet and chat with Tony Trimmer at the 2004 Silverstone BRDC Historic race day which had an F3 Reunion grid.  Tony Trimmer was among many other F3 drivers of the day who attended.  Andy and Tony are on the observation roof of the luxurious BRDC Club.   Tony's wife (in background) seems less than impressed with the vintage F3 "Screamers."   Andy Antipas visits with James Denty at the Peter Denty facilities in the UK, August 2004.  Denty is doing work on Andy's MK3 (F3) car.

Pictures From Registrants

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World Champion Todd Strong balancing the MK9 in the rain through turn 3 during the Clash of the Titans feature race at the first Titan Reunion at  Gingerman Raceway, July 2000. And speaking of rain.  Bob Alder was fortunate to attend New Zealand's Southern Festival of Speed in February of 2004. Here you see the Mk6B in action (in the wet) at Teretonga Raceway, the site of the old Tasman series in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Another picture of Titan being well represented "down under" in the 2004 Southern Festival of Speed (New Zealand). Coverage of his adventures in New Zealand are documented on his website, www.TeamTerrificRacing.com
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A MK9 owned by Axel Rolf in California. A. Marrs's MK9. Another photo of the MK7 Super Vee. If you missed the first one, it is on the Registry Page under MK7 section.
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Joe Babros was winner of the 1999 VARA Formula Ford Reunion feature. Photo by Andy Antipas. Two Titan Mk6's at Summit Point. Photo by Andy Antipas. Craig Jones leads the pack in a Titan MK6 at Summit Point. The car is now owned by Dave Jordano. Photo by Andy Antipas.
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Titan MK6 at Summit Point. Photo by Andy Antipas. Titan lineup at the 1999 VARA Formula Ford Reunion. Photo by Andy Antipas.

Mike McDermott's  MK4.

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