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The 2005 Titan Reunion at Thunderhill was a huge success. With about twice the number of Titan race cars as attended the first Reunion in 2000, the stunning Thunderhill facility, a great host (Ed Swart and HSR-West) and great weather, it was a treat for all who attended.

There are several sections covering the 2005 Reunion.  See Navigation bar above. There is page, a page for testimonials from some of those who attended, a page of photos, and then the race results of the All-Titan Feature Race on Sunday. 

A Note Of Thanks From Andy Antipas

reunion-19-andy.jpg (52786 bytes)It’s hard to believe that Reunion II has come and gone. I’m happy to say that we were able to build on the success of Reunion I with 22 cars and a great list of guests.

I keep repeating myself, but it is really about the people that makes life rewarding. If I never sit in a racecar again I have achieved my goals. There is no way I could make the reunion happen without the contribution of the following people:

Charles Lucas: Luke is the keystone. His support gives me the credibility to bring everyone and everything together. I’m grateful for his time, patience, and friendship.

Ed Swart: It is all down to Ed and his staff for running a first class event. He is truly a race-promoting wizard! I organized the Titan folks, but it was Ed’s event. He bent over backwards to make it all work including the Friday night reception, the dash plaques, embroidered shirts, beautiful trophies, the banners, and the Saturday night BBQ, and finally the perfect weather! It could not have been better! Interestingly, Ed and Sally Swart have known Luke for quite a long time. It was an honor for me to bring old friends together again after 30 years!

Dan Davis: Dan is the owner and publisher of Victory Lane magazine and he helped promote the Titan and Formula B reunion in the magazine, which I am grateful for. Dan is a real formula car enthusiast and I hope we can work together in the future to bring these interesting and historically significant cars out to more race meetings.

Chris Fearon: Chris owned and raced a Mk6 when it was new! It was a pleasure to let Chris drive my Mk6 during the event. Plus, he looked after both of my cars during the weekend so I could focus on the different activities. Chris was anxious to see what the western United States looked liked, and he rode with me in my truck from Colorado to California and back. To my surprise, he wasn’t bored to tears after looking at mile after mile of sagebrush!

Ken Gray: Ken also looked after my cars and helped with the weekend’s logistics. Ken is a Lotus enthusiast, and has a beautiful Lotus Elan. Someone told me that Lotus stands for “lots of trouble usually serious” (just kidding Ken!). Many of you have probably talked to Ken on the telephone when you have called Dave Bean Engineering looking for parts. Next time I promise to get him a few laps in my formula ford.

Jay Ivey: Jay has been instrumental in developing replacement parts for the venerable Kent engine that is the heart of formula ford. Over half the grid uses Jay’s engines and on most west coast race weekends you can find him working with his customers. I need to thank Jay because I know he changed his vacation plans so he could attend the reunion. Maybe I should be thanking his wife Susan? THANKS SUSAN!. Ivey Engines donated $700 worth of gift certificates and T-shirts to the event, which I know the guys were grateful for.

Marty Loft: Meeting Marty, Bonnie, Jordan, and Taylor were fantastic. How often can you telephone someone out of the blue, introduce yourself, and let him know you weren’t selling anything, invite him to an event with very little lead-time, and have him say YES? Marty was an Mk6 driver who had the talent but didn’t get the breaks he deserved. Yet, all these years later, I can see Marty’s enthusiasm for racing. Many thanks to Ron Boone, Ron Hornig, JD McDermott, and Ed Swart for giving Marty a few laps behind the wheel of Ron Boone’s Titan! Thank you Loft family for taking the time to visit with the Titan faithful!

Arnie Loyning: Arnie and Marty were friends and racing rivals back in the 1970’s and I know they were both looking forward to seeing each other in addition to the attending the reunion. Like Marty, Arnie had a lot of success racing an Mk6 and we were hoping to get him behind the wheel of a Titan again. Unfortunately, business commitments forced Arnie to change his plans. However, Arnie donated $300 in gift certificates and T-shirts to the event. I want to thank all the folks at Loyning’s Engine Service for their support of the event.

Wayne Mitchell: Wayne is a fixture in west coast vintage racing. Yet few know that Wayne was part of the F3 circus during the 1960’s. He bought his downdraft MAE engines from Charles Lucas Engineering and his first Brabham (BT21) from Frank Williams. Curiously enough Tony Trimmer helped set up the car after Wayne took delivery! Small world isn’t it?

Pierre Phillips: It is always great to see Pierre. He was key to Titan’s success in the States. However, seeing him behind the wheel of the Mk6 he raced to many wins 35 years ago was fantastic. Michial Shumate purchased the car a few years back and spared no expense to have it restored in time for the reunion. Michial and Pierre are old friends, and having the car painted in its original livery was great. Plus, Pierre still showed that he has the right stuff!

Tony Trimmer: Even though we have corresponded for many years, I met Tony and Sharon at Silverstone last summer. I also met Peter Gaydon at the same race meeting. Peter was a former racer and a contemporary of Luke and Tony, and served as the president of the BRDC. Peter told me that he thought Tony was a driver who had a lot of talent, but never got the right opportunity, and when it came to setting up a car he was the best! Tony had an early hand in the racing, testing, and development of the early Titan formula fords (including the Mk6). I was so pleased when Tony emailed to say that he and Sharon would be coming. It was also fantastic to race with Tony and watch him carve through the Titan feature field. How often does one get to race with a Formula 1 driver? Many thanks to Todd Strong and Ed Swart for getting Tony in an Mk6!

Titan Motorsport and Manufacturing (UK); Thank you to Di Thomas and Oz Timms for the beautiful trophy they provided for the Titan feature race, and their continued support of the Registry and Reunion. 

The Race Shops: I want to thank all the race shop proprietors who came to the event and are helping preserve our old cars for the next generation including John Anderson, Jon Fossi, Roland Johnson, Al Murray, JD McDermott, Terry Peterson, and Eric Purcell.

The Drivers: Finally, a sincere thanks to all the Titan car owners that supported the event. 22 Titan Formula Fords was an impressive site! Without these folks there would be no reunion!

Bob Alder (Mk6), Denver, CO

Ron Boone (Mk6), Toronto, KS

Dick Boutry (Mk3), Colfax, CA

Brian Britton (Mk6), Somis, CA

Gary Gosanko (Mk6), Mercer Island, WA

Dan Haney (Mk6), Carson City, NV

Bob Hatle (Mk6), Oceanside, CA

Ron Hornig (Mk6), Littleton, CO

Tom Kreger (Mk6), Vancouver, WA

Steve Kupferman (Mk6), Rancho Murieta, CA

Rob LaRoque (Mk5), Los Altos, CA

Allen Martin (Mk6), Riverside, CA

Tim Monahan (Mk6), San Francisco, CA

Chuck Pittenger (Mk6), Northridge, CA

Don Prohaska (Mk6), Eugene, OR

Jeff Robin (Mk6), North Hills, CA

Michial Shumate, (Mk6), Kennewick, WA

Todd Strong (Mk6), Torrance, CA

Ann Strong (Mk6), Torrance, CA

Allen Zorich (Mk6), Salem, OR

And Special Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors for Reunion Prizes

Ivey Engines and Loyning Engines donated T-Shirts and gift certificates. Bob Hatle and Bob LaRoque won $150 gift certificates to Loyning’s engines. Bob Alder, Don Prohaska, and Alan Zurich won Loyning’s T-Shirts. Bob Hatle ($300), Chuck Pittenger ($250), Tim Monahan ($100), and Alan Zurich ($100) won Ivey Engine gift certificates. Todd Strong, Pierre Phillips, Ron Horning, Tim Monahan, and Chris Fearon won Ivey Engines T-shirts.

We organized a Titan Concours. Our guests (Luke, Tony, Marty, Pierre, and Chris) roamed the paddock Sunday morning and examined our Titans for preparation and originality. Awards were presented for best prepared and most original. The best prepared Titan Award went to Brian Britton with a second place to Pierre Phillips. In the most original category Tom Kreger was the winner with Tim Monahan taking second. Overall, the judges were impressed with the preparation of the cars with the general comment being the cars were in much better condition today than they were in period!

Between the reunion and baby it’s time for me to regroup and recharge my batteries. If you don’t hear from me for a while, feel free to give me a call! Again, thank you for your continued support!

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