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SPAX, long recognized in racing circles, have a complete line of fully customizable dampers. Two lines -- the CSX Competition Dampers and the TrakSPAX -- offer a complete array to meet any requirements. And, if the sizes and part numbers below don't meet you needs, contact us as all dampers can be made to custom order.


CSX Competition Dampers


A completely new and improved range of "blue blooded" steel bodied competition dampers featuring flexible specification and a budget price


Our new competition damper range allows you to choose the coil over damper you need. The part number works like a menu where you choose the components to make the damper and the end result is a part number that you can use to order the product. The price is the same for any combination. We have tried to make the chargeable option list as short as possible, so the only additional costs are for us to bleed the damper to allow you to run it inverted, a colour change to SPAX Yellow, a TrackSpax bumpstop, and a spring to suit.


These Competition "coil over" dampers offer the following features and benefits:


TrakSPAX Double & Single Adjustable Dampers



SPAX Performance Ltd have just relaunched their famous lightweight, rebuildable, TRAKSPAX unit with a new version with improved features.


The unit features a single bump/rebound adjustment control and joins the double adjustable unit released at the end of last year, thus offering a simpler and cheaper alternative to the racer who requires ultimate performance and quality, but not the level of adjustment offered by the double adjustable units.


TRAKSPAX dampers can be custom built to suit individual requirements and can be rapidly rebuilt at the SPAX factory whenever required. Each unit is individually calibrated and computer dyno tested.


The TRAKSPAX damper features:

25 point on-car adjustment settings with bump to rebound rates from 1.1 to 1.6

Valving ranges for spring rates of up to 500 Ib/in

Low viscosity damping fluid to minimize heat fade

Internal hygroscopic gas cell to permit inverted fitment .Removable eye with bumpstop

Hardened 12mm spherical bearings with twin seals luminium.

Body CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum. Electroplated body with anodised spring seat and top cone.


Various sizes of TRAKSPAX are available from a 7.5" closed length unit up to a 10.5" unit making TRAKSPAX suitable for all types, sizes and weights of race car.


SPAX has recently achieved corporate TUV approval on its overall production process and quality control -a rare achievement outside Germany, and a measure of the overall quality offered in the company's products.


Double Adjustable Dampers

Single Adjustable Dampers


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