1962 544 Volvo

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The basic design work for this generation of Volvos was started in 1943.  World War II interrupted, so actual production of the model 444 didn't start until 1947.  Few were exported to the United States until the late 50s when production of the 544 model began (one-piece windshield and larger rear window).  Starting with the 1962 models the 544 was upgraded to the B‑18 engine and the interior trim appointments were improved.  The last of the 544s were produced in 1965.  In total 440,000 of the 444 and 544 cars were produced from 1947 to 1965.

This car was purchased used by the current owner from a Denver Volvo dealer in 1964 for $1,500.  It sold new in 1962 for about $2,300.  It was used as an everyday car until 1994 when it retired from active service. It has in excess of 250,000 miles.

History of significant repairs:

Water pump replaced in 1965 and again in 2002 Repaint in 1967

Brakes new shoes several times

Shocks replaced in 1971

Clutch replaced in 1974

In 1975 transmission was replaced with a used unit

Engine overhauled in 1979

Generator replaced in 1981

Suspension bushings redone in 1983

In 1996/1997 a total ground-up restoration was done..  Included engine rebuild, new synchros and  layshaft for the transmission, new shocks & total re-paint.  New brakes.

2023 entire front cross-member and all suspension cosmetically and mechanically refurbished.

Most of the interior is original except for front seats which have been redone.  While the padded dash was replaced in the late 60s, the headliner, floor mats, trunk mat, and all the door and side panels are original.

The car was repainted in 1967, again in 1977, and the front was re‑painted in 1980.  There was a total re-spray for the 1996/1997 total restoration including three new fenders (available from Volvo Parts on a next-day basis!) and replacement of some cowl panels which had succumbed to rust.