1972 Titan Formula Ford

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Titan, a British firm, manufactured about 240 Formula Fords over 1967 to 1972.  This particular 1972 MK6B Titan has seen a very busy life, racing continuously over its 30+ years.  Until 1985 it was raced with SCCA by several owners.  Since then it has raced primarily at RMVR events with two owners.  The current owner acquired it in 1988 and has raced it very actively since then.

Formula Ford is one of the most successful club racing series in history. Since 1967 well over 30,000 men and women have participated in FF grids around the world. It continues to be one of the most popular and competitive groups in vintage racing due to a plentiful supply of quality race cars and great competition throughout the field. Grids of 15-25 cars are common.

There were some 15-20 different chassis manufactures of vintage eligible FFs, but  part of its "formula" (specification) is that engines limited to a blueprinted 1600cc Ford 4 cylinder pushrod motor.  So, engines are durable and costs are reasonable.  It is very much a driver's series.  Running at the front is largely a function of driver skill and car preparation since engine enhancements are illegal. 

Because of its active race life, this particular Titan has undergone four ground up restorations since 1988, the latest in 2009.  It is raced by Bob Alder at virtually all ROCKY MOUNTAIN VINTAGE RACING events as well as with other vintage race clubs across the country.  In February of 2004 the car participated in the annual four-event Southern Festival of Speed races in New Zealand.