Steamboat Commemorative Album


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All three albums (Mid-sized with optional black leather)

A couple of years ago, I realized that I already had collected most, but not all, of the great posters printed over the fifteen years of the magnificent Steamboat Vintage Auto Races.  So a successful quest was begun to collect the missing few.  With that accomplished there was the sudden realization that framing costs would be monumental, not to mention a complete lack of wall space to properly display them.


What to do?  The digital age came to the rescue — it is now feasible to assemble a very high quality album and to share it will all those who, like me, have such fond memories of those great events.  Thus the decision to create an album and the result is this Steamboat Commemorative Album available in three different sizes.  

The soft cover pocketbook sized album (8x 6) is $28.  It comes with a black & silver checkerboard cover with professional-quality perfect binding just like paperback books you buy in bookstores. 


The mid-sized (11x 9) hardcover album is $61.  The hard back cover on this album is tan linen.   Interior pages, as with all three albums is extra thick and heavy, archival quality, acid-free paper. For this mid-sized album ONLY, a leather cover in several different colors is available at a $10 additional cost. I've only seen the black cover, but it is really neat. Please inquire about other colors or just note "Black Leather" on order form and change to $71 if that's what you'd like.

The Deluxe large hardcover coffee-table edition (15”x 12”) is $92.   Materials are the same as the mid-sized album, just BIGGER.  Fantastic as a true coffee table piece of automobile racing memorabilia.   Cover is tan linen. (Sorry, leather not available on the Coffee-Table albums.) 

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The contents of all three albums are the same with the main feature being the high quality, full-page reproductions of each of the fifteen posters — 1984 thru 1998. (Yes, it was that long ago that the Steamboat races ceased.) There is also commentary on the history of how the very first Steamboat Vintage Race came into being and a page devoted to other historical facts. And, there are maps of the various track configurations used over the years.

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List of Entrants

But wait, there’s more! (As they like to say on late-night infomercials.)

With the purchase of each album, regardless of size, comes a separate 17-page booklet containing the names and race cars of all 2785 entrants over the 15 years. This is a nicely bound 8”x11” booklet arranged by year for easy reference. Sorry, no race results. Remember, the cars are the stars!

If you would like to purchase an album (or albums) please print and fill out the order form below and mail a check or money order as directed. Sorry no credit cards or no on-line ordering. Unfortunately, I will not be able to keep an inventory of albums on hand for immediate delivery. Instead orders will be accumulated for no more than two weeks and then a production run will be ordered. Production and delivery will take about two weeks. So, it could be a month before you receive your album.

Please recognize that I’m not trying to make a nickel on this deal. My selling price is a bit above the cost to have the album printed, but only enough to cover additional costs incurred for the project. And sorry, no volume discounts since the printer doesn’t provide any to me.

 I feel fortunate to have been able to produce this album. Everyone has such fond memories of the Steamboat weekends. It is a pleasure to be able to put this together, helping each of us to remember those magnificent fifteen years. Cheers.

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Bob Alder
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