SmugMug Hints

Hints for using the SmugMug Website


You'll find several referenced to SmugMug picture galleries on this website.  Here's some hints on how to best view and use the galleries.   Heck you can even order prints from that site if you wish.  You don't have to register to view the pictures, but to purchase, you obviously would. 


The "Journal" Style is Recommended

When you visit a Gallery, it can be viewed several ways.  The Style box (in upper right of each gallery) allows you to select the different viewing styles. The "Journal" style is recommended.  That view allows you to scroll down the images, moving to additional pages as needed.


But the "Slideshow" viewing Style is also a fun way to view images

Again that style of viewing can be selected using the Style Box.  


Either hit your browser's "BACK" to return to the page you were viewing, or navigate to "Our SmugMug Home Page" to check out other galleries.