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History and Introduction

Titan Motorsport and Manufacturing, Ltd. (UK) started life in 1966 as Charles Lucas Engineering, named after its founder. The company designed, manufactured, and raced single seat racing cars called Titans. In the early 1970's, the company changed its name to Titan Cars while continuing to design and manufacture complete racing cars, also started to design and manufacture race engine components and prepare race engines for customers.

By 1976, the decision was made to concentrate on the engine side of the business. Engine preparation and the design and production of race engine components became the core products. To reflect this, the company name was changed to Titan Motorsport and Manufacturing. 

Titan Motorsport and Manufacturing customer base include major motor manufacturers as well as smaller specialist vehicle manufacturers. Titan Motorsport and Manufacturing have full ISO 9000 accreditation for both design and manufacture.

Titan Motorsports North America, LLC is proud to represent this important UK supplier. We are conversant with, and can supply, many of their components specializing in sourcing Steering Racks and parts for the ubiquitous Kent (1.6L) & Pinto (2.0L) engines.  Please visit our respective pages for these products.


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