2002 Mini Cooper S

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The 2002 Mini Cooper S joined the Street Fleet in early 2003. The car was purchased, believe it or not, on E-Bay, sight unseen. Not too much risk since it was a year old car with only 726 miles on it. So, plenty of warranty and the car had never even been wet. Absolutely mint condition.

My brother Bruce and I drove my old daily driver, a 1993 VW Golf, to Vegas and left it there for Bradley to have. He drove over from San Francisco to pick it up. Bruce and I then drove the Mini back to Denver where it has been my everyday car since 2003.

 Love it!

An absolute hoot to drive, this 1600cc Supercharged 160 hp car is an overgrown roller skate which drives like a go kart. Many giggles. A cute car with an attitude. That "attitude" means it loves to cruise at about 90 mph and (once in Utah) it went to 110 mph without even breathing hard. Top speed is said to be 130 mph and I believe it.

No, I don't know what kind of gas mileage it gets. Who cares?